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Queensland Maroons Team

The Queensland Maroons (aka 'Maroons') are a Queensland based Rugby League team.

2013 State of OriginGamesRunsTriesGoalsConvLBErrorsMissed TklsPoints
Josh Papalii29
Ashley Harrison191
Darius Boyd323343312
Corey Parker3454
Matthew Scott3435
Greg Inglis32811164
Billy Slater327344
Brent Tate33624
Daly Cherry-Evans210
Justin Hodges34211464
Matt Gillett3153
Chris McQueen3293
Sam Thaiday32711114
Cooper Cronk31525
David Shillington1101
Ben Te'o3145
Cameron Smith3121162
Johnathan Thurston31813411818
Nate Myles34326

2012 State of OriginGamesRunsTriesGoalsConvLBErrorsMissed TklsPoints
Sam Thaiday200
Cooper Cronk301
David Shillington300
David Taylor200
Cameron Smith300
Johnathan Thurston3122
Nate Myles300
Dane Nielsen100
Ashley Harrison200
Darius Boyd3312
Corey Parker200
Matthew Scott300
Greg Inglis328
Billy Slater200
Brent Tate300
Ben Te'o100
Justin Hodges314
Ben Hannant314
Petero Civoniceva300
Matt Gillett300

2011 State of OriginGamesRunsTriesGoalsConvLBErrorsMissed TklsPoints
Ashley Harrison300
Darius Boyd300
Corey Parker300
Matthew Scott300
Greg Inglis228
Billy Slater328
Jharal Yow Yeh328
Willie Tonga100
Justin Hodges100
Ben Hannant300
Petero Civoniceva300
Sam Thaiday314
Cooper Cronk300
David Taylor100
Cameron Smith3210
Jacob Lillyman200
Johnathan Thurston3120
Nate Myles300
Dane Nielsen200
Darren Lockyer300

2010 State of OriginGamesRunsTriesGoalsConvLBErrorsMissed TklsPoints
David Taylor300
Cameron Smith300
Johnathan Thurston3024
Nate Myles314
Darren Lockyer315
Ashley Harrison300
Darius Boyd3312
David Shillington300
Matthew Scott300
Greg Inglis328
Billy Slater328
Willie Tonga328
Neville Costigan300
Ben Hannant100
Petero Civoniceva200
Sam Thaiday314
Cooper Cronk314
Israel Folau328

Queensland Maroons Team Details

Also known as: Queensland Maroons
The Maroons
The Canetoads

Queensland Maroons Discussions

grandad - I played for taxation in early 60's and i'm sure there was a team from mail exchange
DevilForLife - Yes, all season. Year off, Gap year!! Travelling I believe
XXXXCap - There is a tipping comp on here :