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also josh Reynolds now called into nsw squad, does that mean he cant play this week end. they should make the decision so any player not playing in the SOO will be available. otherwise we will need 2 centers and a 1/2. is keating available, maybe bring in drury low as well. we have a good wing/c...

with greenberg taking up a role with the rugby league i believe we will continue to be a strong club. im sure there will be someone who will come in just as innovative and keep the ball rolling. hasler is a big part of our future and the culture and image are already there now to continue. im sur...

well what can you do im not about to start bagging anyone im not out there. tough start to season and we may find that our season is starting to slip away. all i know is when the bulldogs get their backs to the wall that's when they play their best footy. im sure that is coming very soon.if it is...

stevevw commented on Round 6 vs SBW

we have to get over the sonny bill thing. its past and finished with he has done what he done and has to live with it. its great he is back in league and bringing in the crowds. the best way to get some back is to do it on the field and stop him being an influence.

i didn't realize that grammer was a prerequisite for the debate page. next we will have to check the spelling mistakes.

we wont lose a lot with tim lafia coming in for inu, but we will lose his goal kicking not sure who can kick goals and it may be an important factor in the end. we have matched a lot of teams with our players out and lafia certainly has the ability to do what inu does and maybe even better as he ...
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