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Qld team named here.....

IpswichMackayWynnum ManlyRedcliffeEasts

I liked your first reply to me that you deleted better.

Luc PROHey all, please see the home page of the forum with a minor update allowing you to choose Teams and view categories in the way that the previous forum had: are your thoughts?I will admit thats a step in the right direction.Still a long way to go th...

Write something... interesting!Why not join H at his new forum discussing the Brisbane 2ND Division

you are now.

we should have all gone to the same one en mass, the small forums are ok but there's never many people on at once.

harrofam commented on Goodbye

my knee jerk reaction was to register at LU. I haven't posted there and probably wont. Even this rubbish is better than LU .................. but I've found two small but good forums...............

Just got an email saying they are investigating restoring some of the discussions and hoping to bring some back next week.

harrofam commented on Change

eye gouging comments.mrfourex,Why I don't know what you mean.Also Sonics forum was the best by a gazillion miles.

it's like 6 years of my life has gone in one cruel blow.

kiwis come to our that's ANZAC spirit.

Marcus 1979...across the ditch wink wink.

Donny....I let you know through FB what I am doing in regards to setting something up for us hordes of 2nd divvers.

Hi aspleynorths the team list is on the QRL WEBSITE Ill post a link here but dont know if it will work Round 6 Connell & Meninga Cup teamsAdam is going good.First fixture for the union comp this weekend,Norths Union has more Norths league boys from last years MM team in it than what Norths Colts...

give it a chance.

keep checking in nodd.surely the new owners will see sense.

no donny7.looks like it's all gone.

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