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bigbear commented on Cc and mm 2014

cba1apart from parrish and deymeric who are doing a preseason with the titans who else from that u/17 burleigh side are doing a preseason and not training with MM.

Sam is a backrower which he confirmed by the way he played for both his state and country.The extra burden of being the captain plus playing out of position took so much away from his club performences.And at the end of the day they are the ones who employ him .I hope in 2014 not to see Sam pla...

All you can hope is what ever u/16 or u/18 QLD side is selected they do far better than they have in current years.

Burleigh if asked would probably say they would be better off without the Titans players who get dropped back each week.The players join the rest of the side for a 40 minute session on Friday night.The club players Burleigh have are probably better than the Titan contracted players who join them ...

Good read boys.It is good to see who played for who 10/20years ago.

bigbear commented on the news story Broncos' Jack Reed out for 4-6 weeks

What a d... h... why he dived when he had no chance of getting the ball back into play.As if the broncs aren't in enough trouble then reed goes and does that.

vincent619.Why do they have to win the SOO.

strange comment coming from a player who played in australia for four years and played outstanding

Well done titans.Broncs get straight back and win this week.!

who owns this site

NSW are just flushed for talent.So many to choose from ,the big decision is who gets left out.Oh well make it easy and pick the side who played in game 3.How hard is that.Just remember all those QLD boys are getting older and probably slower.Just hope with old age they arent getting smarter.

Ethan Roberts was outstanding playing for Gold Coast White in the QLD CC comp.

Wallace going yes a good thing and norman changing his mind and staying a good thing.Have to just wait and see.

Disappointed a little more couldnt have been said about the performence of the u/20 side.Yes they have won the last five years , a wonderfull effort.Most of these young men play local A grade for there respected clubs.I hope both Tweed and Burleigh under 20s colts coaches had someone watching the...

Peterpan.Thaiday has to play second row and nate myles will start . This year is the right time for QLD to introduce some youth to the side.The likes of cherry -evans ,barba, gagai and mcqueen.So the batton change over can be very smooth when the older statesman of the side decide to retire from ...

disappointed he had to leave because of the money.So many players are leaving there clubs to go to others purely for the money.I thought he would have been a good fit for the broncos.I dont know if he will look as good a player with st george as he does playing for the storm.

When does the QLD mm/ cc sides get named

really really hope grass roots is not forgotten when all this money is distributed.These multi million dollar deals for players new contracts starting from 2014.Yes the elite players are the product .I understand that but mum and dad who are trying to pay for junior registration plus some footy b...

Congratulations burleigh on your second win of the season.A win against Ipswich leading into the bye round would do them the world of good.

Well if for a minute broncos fans thought they had some chance of Widdopp coming to the Broncs.To late off to the Dragons.Not to many left the broncs can miss out on.Anyone worth chasing are just about all gone.

who cares

Sam is a second rower pushed into playing front row.If the broncs had outstanding front rowers glenn or gillett would have to go to the bench to make room for sam.I think playing front row and trying to captain the side has taken sam away from his natural game.I agree with the comments made by Br...

68 to young

Hopefully they can string a few wins together.

Well done Sam Irwin.What a wonderful debut.Hopefully you will get more opportunities now that you have shown you are up to NRL level.

bigbear commented on QLD selection

Are the QLD CC/MM sides selected before the finals but only announced after the grand finals,or are the selectors given right up to full time of the Grand Final to make final decision.If the sides arent finalized before the finals it really demonstrates how important it is for the players to make...
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