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There is a photo on the website discussed above of the 1955 Premiership team. They are wearing the traditional all royal blue with what looks to be a white patch showing the club emblem and large numbers on the front.Try here

There is a tipping comp on here :

That's in keeping with that bloke's usual work. No surprise to me.How he got a gig in last year's Grand Final is beyond belief.

Why do people put questions up and then you never hear from them when you give an answer ?

Just got a text from someone telling me about this. Very sad.Had the pleasure of meeting him a couple of years ago at a function. Yes, a great guardian of not only Valleys but the BRL legacy in general.

Easts need to go on with it now. They have the players to be a contender in an even year.Wynnum just aren't that strong this year and this was on the cards at some stage. They have done well to be as high up as they are. The next couple of weeks will determine whether they stay in the hunt or dri...

XXXXCap commented on Langlands Park

The shift of the playing field was something I picked up when reading the Easts history book. A couple of overhead shots told the tale. It explains why people could sit in the old grandstand back in the 70s and have a decent view of the game whereas now they would be a long way from the action.

Great comp this year.Mackay looked ordinary against Wynnum a few weeks ago but haven't looked back since.

I just felt that Burleigh were a better chance than the $2.90 on offer. They might not have won a game, hence the good odds, but they should have beaten Pride and had been respectable every week. Wynnum were coming off a tough game against Ipswich and aren't that good a side that they are going t...

Upload photos ?

Fender, I might be labouring the point, but the community-minded side of it was all that people who follow other than the NRL had on this site. We cannot be "engaged by the content" because there isn't any.
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