The world of Rugby League.

Lloyds - investment bank.But then so was Lehman Bros.

Why not just make the scrum a competition, feed the ball to the front row?Or why not just have a tip off ala basketball.

VDO commented on Questions for LUC

Yes Lewis, agree with Harry Sack.But unfortunately it would seem all in vain, A quick scan through the forums see's activity on the league front and in the club grandstands at a level that suggests a slow and painful death for this side of the site.If not for a half dozen posters, there'd likely ...

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Why? were they all claimed before the round had finished as well?

VDO commented on Quiz

must be 17+. I reckon that's about grade two maths? Are you arguing with 7 year olds perchance?

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Been doing it for weeks, I note you were far more efficient at stopping some good genuine posters from continuing to post here.....................

Saggy , doyen and southsport to name a few can be found posting elsewhere, check your wall

VDO commented on R.I.P rleague.....

Lies damned lies and statistics.

VDO is now following polisheel

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who is every one? if they cared enough they might have left a message on your wall

Did parra deserve 8 penalties? yepWere the titans that perfect? Ya farkin gaggin they were.
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