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When the Eels are flyin', they're electrifyin'!

Marcus1979What Lives scores TSQThere is a tab at the top of the page that says Live Scores. Gives up to dat information on games being played. It's a good feature of the site and I'm happy it's here. The rest of the site looks good...I just don't like what the forums have become. If they were lik...

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I've registered on Chewies....and wherever I go, you will follow!

Yeah still waiting on that.

I think be can be good. Only round 4 remember.

I just checked out cricsim. Seems our old Rleaguers M_F and Boobidy are over there. Should provide a laugh.It's very much geared towards cricket though. The League section seems to be just one forum with no sub forums for each team and whatnot.Looks like the old Rleague - the VBulletin format fro...

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You should have been here about a week ago. Man, those were the days.

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Good thing it's not happening then xcde - you were going to lose anyway.

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Call me whatever you want.

The heart?I was thinking right in the groin. I'm totally badass that way.

@Bandwagon - I log into LU as Fifty Metre Line. That name used to actually mean something though as my seats at Parra used to be directly in line with the 50m line. Such a shame we had to move seats. I'll head over there soon and check out how you guys are going with a different face.
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