The world of Rugby League.


Hey pods good to still see you around :)

is Annav3 leaving? Based on her post it seems final :(

we all love a thread to bag out Pearce ;)

he hates souths he wants a excuse to bag em lol He is a roosters fan ;)

Marcus1979 commented on NRL 2013

Nurse Knitey you are supposed to care for your patients not send them to the morgue ;)

yeah and Knitey and yours and max's lol

I like channel 10s sports coverage they do it in a professional manner. I was so annoyed when 10 lost the bid. Overall NRL sold out for a little more money so basically they are just an expensive prostitute or something

Look how often Sonic allowed to let that slide before. Even tho we used to fight with sonic on occasions he was lenient :)

I meant Nighingale at fullback. I am suprised we have gone down that road again

Our Forward pack is not the issue never has been we always have good forward depth :)

Remember he put Flo in at fullback was it last week or week before?

@craigcooper Mission accomplished and it has only taken what 3 days lol

the posters who were part of punterparadise love it but us rleagers are not a fan

ooh thought you guys had turned the corner. COnfidence from winning will be good tho at least.

SBW will make me support the dogs :)

can chooky join lol

will TSQ be happy or is there one of his usual suspects that can expect a tirade lol

Marcus1979 commented on Trex

hey Hurricanh57 long time no see how you going :)

Marcus1979 commented on New Forum

Hey Anna how are you this today? Which subform on this site is best to chat to you now?

Senor also (not that we always agreed with him)

SJ I am already there you pm me remember lol

most important how about TSQ old username ;)

Marcus1979 commented on Goodbye

@MrChook thats what I liked about this site sure we may fight but I liked all the chooks fans here :) the chooks fans on that site give you guys a bad name by association

Marcus1979 commented on Change

@Harrofam we may of fought with Sonic at times on league matters but he did have a forum in a layout we liked@TSQ (I will still call you TSQ when referencing you hope thats ok) Gotta watch out for Sandows gun bearing mates ;)

Marcus1979 commented on Rleague cup

all she did was sign up and it was given. Maybe it was like a door prize lol

@Knitey what are you going on about? To much wine again?

your still around Annav3 :)Nah we need Holbrook as he a bulldogs player and we know dogs players are the best ;)

To be a saddist I hope Moltzen has a shocker ;)

I may continue posting here if my buddy MS promises to stay active :)

just joined :)

Jack maybe your a professional or is it the other pro lol

do you use LU SA? I have same username :)

is Anger associated with dogs fan and the new admin got confused? just joking btw Annav3 no offense :)

I am still here for the time being. I am extremely disillusioned tho :(

Marcus1979 uploaded a new profile photo

so H I take it you had no warning of this bomb hitting either :(
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