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Never look back, you only get a sore neck.

Re-building us here. I'm curious to see who responds to know what we have here to salvage. 12 months after it was altered.

Is it just me or has 1 week and 2 days worth of material just disappeared ?

What suburb or town is that in?

Illawarra Cutters Team List: Round 6Tuesday 9 April 2013 10:00 AMIllawarra Cutters Head Coach Paul McGregor has named his squad for the NSW Cup clash against the Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles.1. Michael Lett (c)2. Jack Twist3. Kose Leilei4. Junior Vaivai5. Nathan Green6. Todd Ryan7. Josh Drinkwater2...

NYC Team List: Round 6Tuesday 9 April 2013 11:00 AMSt George Illawarra Dragons National Youth Competition team Head Coach Justin Holbrook has named his side to play Wests Tigers at the Sydney Cricket Ground, Moore Park on Sunday.Holbrook has named an 18-man squad for the upcoming clash and has in...

Changes Made For Heritage RoundTuesday 9 April 2013 2:00 PMInjury has forced St George Illawarra Dragons Coach Steve Price to change-up his line-up for Sunday's Men of League Heritage Round clash against Wests Tigers at the Sydney Cricket Ground.Price has named an 18-man squad including a potenti...

Now Now MrFourex, don't give someone a false sense of belief. LOL

Still here Popeye. LOL

Dragons Injury UpdateMonday 8 April 2013 5:00 PMSt George Illawarra Dragons fullback Gerard Beale is expected to be sidelined for an extended amount of time having re-ruptured his ACL graft.He will undergo further consultations with specialists before a finalised timeframe for his rehabilitation ...

Price praises Dragons' win over KnightsBy By Ian McCulloughAAP Sun 07th April, 6:43pm Steve Price brushed aside the significance of a third successive NRL win over former boss Wayne Bennett, preferring to heap praise on his St George Illawarra side after Sunday's 19-16 victory over Newcastle.The...

We have a promising fullback. I don't think it's a position we need to hunt another player for. With Quinlan and Cummins sniffing around we can also always place Morris, Nightgale and now Soward there. (LOL at that last suggestion)

You always have to have positive around you when your learning and especially when your young and may be influenced by outside media.

I don't ever remember having a laugh before when post a article/story. Not since the dragons Olympic games they showed a while back.You have to watch this if you want a massive laugh.

"You guys" isn't nothing to do with me MrFourex. I'm sure everyone has said to the new owners of how the change went wrong. It's done, they cannot turn back time and fix the wrong.I think that we all need to look forward.

Vale Ian WalshThursday 4 April 2013 12:00 PMThe Dragons will honour former Captain and Coach Ian Walsh with a moments silence prior to the home fixture against the Newcastle Knights at WIN Jubilee Oval, Kogarah on Sunday.Dragons players will also wear black armbands to honour the representative h...

Dragons Celebrate National Youth WeekFriday 5 April 2013 11:00 AMSt George Illawarra Dragons duo Gerard Beale and Trent Merrin were both on hand to celebrate the Connect the Dots festival at Shoalhaven on Friday.The festivities helped to launch the nationwide National Youth Week which is currentl...

I'm in agreement with Knitey and diehard. Having back the forum in which we all know and love would really give this face lift something. I can see how having this new looking Rleague is a go forward for the page. Is there a way to click the forum icon up the top and be taken to a "traditional lo...

I have never been used in my life.

Then stay guys.

I've stepped away, thought about it. I'm not going to talk here further and defecting. That's not me. I'm in shock at the alterations to the forum. Back to the subject of my Dragons here at this page.

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All it takes is to send a email requesting for a alteration.

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