The world of Rugby League.


I'm an avid reader of the page, have been for over 12 years. I dont post alot as my views dont exactly echo the status quo. Being liked however has never been a prerequisite. So if my view offends, I appologise as it wasn't my intention. It has been said that for Evil to thrive all it takes is for good men to do Nothing. So in finishing, I'm going to stand up for what i feel is right and hopefully you join me.. Thanks for reading. Graham.

The grey areas in league remain to the detriment of the game, a team can coincidentally have all the 50/50s go against them and that's enough advantage in a game like league(arm wrestle) .. In AFL it's harder to have such a handle on the ebb and flow by officials. People say leagues a game of inc...

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I cant believe that some people still think the NRL run the game.. If that was the case Channel 10's bid would've got up.. Instead we are lumped with Channel 9 and their piss weak coverage.. League Loses again..
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