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Crash91 commented on Cc and mm 2014

I take it blackmandra that the trial was a storm one in melbourne? good on Sili and Tootel still hanging in there. Does anyone have any idea what the S/Logan MM squad look like this year. With player movement these days its hard to speculate on the top 4 teams for the year minors the obvious

Eagle10, I guess one will have to start thinking about one code whilst in grade 10 or 11 as trying to do reps for both codes will wear one out (body management). However at the end of school years one will have to decide on either the U20s program or Union club footy. I don't know how some of the...

2013SEQ – UNDER 16sPlayerTeam1.Hayden BISHOPBrisbane - Redcliffe2.Adrian ELDERIpswich – Redbank Plains3.Jacob ELMOREBrisbane - Easts4.Joshua FAUIDBrisbane - Brothers5.Frank FUALEMABrisbane – Bros St Brendans6.Te Rangiatea McDONALDGold Coast - Nerang7.Arrion NGATUERE-WROEBrisbane – Logan Bros8.Bra...

Good win by Norths and Reddy in the finals however I don't think Norths would of won if those three strike players were on the field as shown a couple of weeks ago at Samford. Selection should be interesting so good luck to all the boys who took part this year in both age groups.
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