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North Sydney Bears Team of the Century

An important night in the Clubs history has come to pass when on 28th August 2006 the North Sydney Club announced its 'Team of the Century'.
North Sydney Bears Team of the Century
by NRL

An important night in the Clubs history has come to pass when on 28th August 2006 the North Sydney Club announced its 'Team of the Century'.

With over 300 people in attendance a mixture of ex playing legends and stalwart fans were entertained by Lex Marinos, Steve Abbott (aka the Sandman) and MC Andrew Voss. Many of the most entertaining words came from Vossy's interviews of ex players including Tim Pickup, Ross Warner, Peter Diversi, Ken McCaffrey, John Gray, Mark Graham, Greg Florimo, Mario Fenech, Gary Larson, Wade Horder, David Fairleigh and a very popular Billy Moore sharing his memories of when he first came to Sydney to play for the Bears.

Popular journalist and League commentator Lex Marinos gave the crowd a Bears history lesson with humour and a touch of insight. Then after the Dinner break Andrew Voss brought on the entertainment that was the announcement of the winners.

A expert panel of judges including Ian Heads, John Hayes and Richard Bradley have spent months labouring over the task of withering a list of over 100 North Sydney players down to that elusive starting 13, a coach and a four reserves.


1. Brian Carlson (1957-62)
2. Ken Irvine (1958-70)
3. Jimmy Devereux (1908, 1910, 1912-13)
4. Greg Florimo (1986-98)
5. Harold Horder (1920-23)
6. Tim Pickup (1972-74)
7. Duncan Thompson (1916, 1920-23)
8. Gary Larson (1987-99)
9. Ross Warner (1963-74)
10. Billy Wilson (1963-67)
11. David Fairleigh (1989-99)
12. Mark Graham (1981-88)
13. Peter Diversi (1952-55)

14. Sid Deane (1908, 1912-14, 1917, 1919)
15. Ken McCaffery (1957-59)
16. Billy Moore (1989-99)
17. John Gray (1975-77, 1981-83)

Chris McKivat (1920-23)

FULLBACK: Alan Arkey (51-58) Brian Carlson (57-62) Fred Griffiths (63-66) Matt Seers (94-99)
WINGERS: George Ambrum (63-74) Cec Blinkhorn (14-18, 20-23) Harold Horder (20-23) Ken Irvine (58-70) Les Kiss (86-93)
CENTRES: Sid Deane (08,12-14,17,19) Jimmy Devereux (08,10,12-13) Greg Florimo (85-98) Keith Middleton (48-54) Herman Peters (17-25)
FIVE-EIGHTH: Rex Harrison (34-42, 45-46) Greg Hawick (59-60) Tim Pickup (72-74) Bob Sullivan (48-55, 57-59)
HALF BACK: Ken McAffery (57-59) Jason Taylor (94-99) Duncan Thompson (20-23) Roy Thompson (35-40,42)
LOCK: Peter Diversi (52-55) Keith Harris (73-74 And 77-83) Billy Moore (89-99) Bruce Walker (71-77)
SECOND ROW: David Fairleigh (89-99) Mario Fenech (91-94) Mark Graham (81-88) Ben Haslam (52-54) Con Sullivan (10-16)
FRONT ROW: Martin Bella (86-89) Gary Larson (87-99) Don McKinnon (77- 87) Cec Waters (47-55) Billy Wilson (63-67)
HOOKER: John Gray (75-77,81-83) Tony Rea (88-94) Norm Strong (47-62) Ross Warner (63-74)
COACH: Peter Louis (93-99) Ross McKinnon (51-54) Chris McKivat (1920-23) Ron Willey (80-82)

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