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New goal for Aubusson?

Mitchell Aubusson is just one of those players - No matter where he plays on the field you just know he will get the job done.
New goal for Aubusson?
by NRL

Mitchell Aubusson is just one of those players - No matter where he plays on the field you just know he will get the job done.

Jumping between second row and the centres Aubusson seems to just take his job for the day on board and execute it without a problem.

'Aubo', as he is known by his mates, currently describes himself as a 'fill in' player for the injured centre pairing of Shaun Kenny-Dowall and Tautau Moga.

Some fill in.

The Ballina junior trots out the standard football line that he is just happy to play where the team needs him.

The difference is there is nothing standard about what Aubusson is saying.

Aubusson actually means it when he says it and this dedication is evident by his elation to 'fill in' captain for Monday night's win over the Rabbitohs after Anasta was a last minute withdrawal.

"My job is to be a utility for the team and to make sure I get the job done that is assigned to me at the start of the week," Aubusson said.

"Once Smithy tells me right your playing centre or it is second row this week I just focus on the position I am given, do all my relevant video work and make sure I am fully prepared.

"If I am in the second row I know I will have to get through a larger workload but the pressure is amplified a bit in the centre - one mistake and you're in big trouble."

After another notable performance against the Bunnies where he lined up against champion centre Greg Inglis you would be forgiven for not knowing it was Aubusson's first match in nearly a year.

"I actually felt great going in to the game, it's a good feeling going in to a game knowing you have fully prepared," Aubusson said.

"The shoulder came out 100% as well so it was a great start and it was exciting to have that nervous buzz back when you wake up on game day."

Aubo probably would have been a little more nervous if he knew he was going to captain the club for the first time, lucky he only found out 15 minutes before kick-off while in the dressing room.

Speaking of the dressing room, Aubusson cuts a silent figure in the sheds before kick-off.

Backed up against a wall with his ipod in, Aubusson develops a serious pose not often found on the face of one of the serial jokers of the squad.

"It's just a kind of ritual I go in to, to make sure I am in the right mind space before I speak to anyone else," he said.

"Once I'm in that zone it helps me to get amongst it and fire up some of the other boys."

Aubusson declares his personal aim for the year is to play as consistently as he can throughout the entire season.

Coming from one of the most consistent players in the NRL maybe it's time for a new goal!

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