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Lolesi moves on as Huddersfield assistant coach

Giants 31-year-old Assistant Coach Jamahl Lolesi has now formally departed the club.
Lolesi moves on as Huddersfield assistant coach
by NRL

Giants 31-year-old Assistant Coach Jamahl Lolesi has now formally departed the club.

The former Kiwi international outside back arrived in 2007 and played 95 games scoring 33 tries before a back injury cut short his playing days and he moved into the coaching office to begin his new career.

Giants Managing Director Richard Thewlis said the popular Kiwi would always be welcomed back:

"Jamahl and I had a chat way back in the year and he said then that his career was going to move on from the Giants at the end of this season and we accepted that despite our willingness to retain him in the coaching department had he so wished.

"He will be fondly remembered here by the supporters and since arriving from Sydney has now made a new life in Huddersfield and settled with a wife and child. He is currently on paternity leave and with the arrival of Kieron Purtill to our club we have decided to allow Jamahl to remain on leave with his new family and a very amicable settlement has been reached.

"There is no question he is welcome back here whenever he wishes - indeed he has already agreed to guest in the upcoming Giants 20/twenty cricket match on Sunday 12th August at Lascelles Hall and I am certain that he will be warmly received by our supporters then in what will be there chance to say goodbye. There is little doubt in my mind that few overseas players have made the impact in the community that Jamahl has and we wish him well in the next stage of his career."

Jamahl Lolesi said:

"I decided quite a while back to move on at the year end and it's typically supportive of the club that they will allow me to spend more time with the newly born child and wife before my time was due to officially end and I start the next chapter of my career.

"I was welcomed here and treated superbly by the club, staff, players and supporters and it's true that I have settled in the area that I now call home. I wish Paul Anderson and all the lads every possible success going forward and I will be in the stands cheering them on whenever possible."

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