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League by the Fireplace Podcast - Episode 83


Episode 83 - Know Your Place in the NRL World
League by the Fireplace Podcast - Episode 83

“How much are they paying you” to listen to this podcast?

  • Ways To Get Your Coach Sacked - Paul Gallen has used his media profile to try and shaft Sharp. We describe some other methods to ditch the coach including piss poor effort, public spats and going to TAFE for Photoshop lessons.
  • Half a Half - He is down the pecking order at both of his most recent clubs, and he should know his place in the NRL World; it’s Daniel Mortimer
  • The Sparq System - There’s many methods to gauge a young players potential, some obvious like sprint times and jumping heights. But what about those other desirable qualities that are harder to define, like niggling?
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