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League by the Fireplace Podcast - Episode 81

Episode 81 - I’m High, I’m Free, I’m Joshy Dugan
League by the Fireplace Podcast - Episode 81

Even we are in the extended Queensland Origin Squad.

  • Origin 2 - The Blues have travelled to Bellingen, with T. Rex left behind to remember how big he is. The Queenslanders have named a squad of thousands, with players literally having to be others shadows.
  • How to Stop Contract Back Flips - Tedesco saga over, we’ve learned some lessons to pass on to club CEOs for future negotiations. Find out what they like on the internet, provide them instant family/friends and pay current team mates to cuss them out are just some suggestions.
  • Half Season Prediction Re-Visit - We look back to the start of the year and prove our lack of Rugby League nous.
  • Salary Cap Cops - Which club gets to do a “Mighty Ducks 2″ with their youngsters and get a fully funded trip to Glasgow for the Commomwealth Games? It’s so predictable, we’re begging for our former adversary Schubbie to return.
Thanks for listening. We’d love to hear from you (suggestions for Do They Really Suck?, Who Should Greenie Go For, countdown songs, LBTF Dictionary, Half a Halfs, Mystery Card guesses and Signed For My Old Club) so contact us here.
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