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League by the Fireplace Podcast - Episode 77


Episode 77 - Dragons New Signing; Tania Zaetta
League by the Fireplace Podcast - Episode 77

This is not the Beach Haus, it’s the Log Cabin!

  • Pearcey’s Predicament - We use our detective skills to follow the day of Mitch; from Leichhardt Oval to a German beach shack, the NSW “great” had a pretty “great” day.
  • Benji’s Back - Set an ultimatum, the Benji flying foxes in with style. With a debt to pay, five cent coins come back in vogue and Krispy Kreme stocks go up.
  • Half a Half - We go historical for a glorious pivot; the dead kicking, sin binned Nathan Fein.
  • Fan Opinion - Some of the Knights fans want Bennett gone, but what do fans want and does fan power really mean anything?
  • Dictionary - He is feared amongst players because he can take away your tip; he be Moylan
Thanks for listening. We’d love to hear from you (suggestions for Who Should Greenie Go For, countdown songs, LBTF Dictionary, Half a Halfs, Mystery Card guesses and Signed For My Old Club) so contact us here.


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