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League by the Fireplace Podcast - Episode 76


Episode 76 - Koni 2014
League by the Fireplace Podcast - Episode 76

Lobby is away on a P&O sex cruise shelving kava. While he is away Dobyers steps in to fill the void:

  • Dale Finucane - He is from Bega where testicle massages are the norm.
  • Sex tape - New Zealands 9 second sexual demon, Konrad Hurrell, has made a sex tape. What are the motivations behind S01E01-koniteuila-eztv.mp4? Mostly sex. Duh.
  • Close games - Everyone loves a close game. Except for those who are overweight, old, drive to games or those who loved hilarious field goal attempts.
  • Feigning injury - Luke Brooks was pulled from the Under 20′s State of Origin under the guise of injury. Alas, injured he was not. We give reason for this treason.

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