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League by the Fireplace Podcast - Episode 73


Episode 73 - The Dick Biting Has Occurred; Gary Jack - Question Mark
League by the Fireplace Podcast - Episode 73

The NRL podcast that wins after the siren.

  • Ways to Drive Up a Player’s Price - French/Japanese rugby is cashed up, so as player agents we’d advise our clients to buy a French dictionary and start eating sushi. Closer to home, a change in position or a sick relative or a change may help you. “Buy my sake!”
  • Raiders vs the Storm - Channel 9 ruins our usual live tweeting traditions but the people organising the draw sure do know when our birthdays are. We hate each other teams as much as always, so listen in to some of the lamest taunts ever.
  • Shout out to Kingy - the King of our hearts has been repping country league to the max. If he needs a couch to sleep on, we’ve got him covered.
  • Who should Greenie go for? - We’ve got a newbie NRL fan who doesn’t have a team. What should decide his newfound loyalty; geography, familial ties or your email?
Thanks for listening. We’d love to hear from you (suggestions for Who Should Greenie Go For, countdown songs, LBTF Dictionary, Half a Halfs, Mystery Card guesses and Signed For My Old Club) so contact us here.


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