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JWH's commitment

It wasn't to his girlfriend or his beloved dogs - when Jared Waerea-Hargreaves made a commitment it was to his coaches and himself.
JWH's commitment
by NRL

It wasn't to his girlfriend or his beloved dogs - when Jared Waerea-Hargreaves made a commitment it was to his coaches and himself.

Having played just 46 NRL games heading in to 2012 JWH made a commitment to lead from the front.

Previously used predominantly as an impact player, Jared now dons a single figure jersey number having started all three of the Roosters matches this season.

It wouldn't be unreasonable for a player with such limited experience to resist such a challenge but the flamboyant 23 year old jumped at the idea and while still early days it seems to be working.

Through a series of inspiring runs and a few bell-ringers Waerea-Hargreaves has lifted the team when enthusiasm seems to have dropped.

"I spoke to a few of the coaches in the off-season and they basically challenged a few of us with the idea of being a leader," Waerea-Hargreaves said.

"A few of the boys myself included have taken on that challenge."

"To be a honest a few of us had to, a few of our forward leaders left so some of the rest of us have needed to step up and so we have been."

The New Zealand International had a shorter pre-season then the rest of the squad, taking part in the Four-Nations Tournament in 2011 but JWH says that time away has had a major impact on his young career.

"Whilst our tour wasn't that successful I took a lot of things away from it which I have tried to transfer here on the field with the Chooks," he said.

"Most importantly though the Four Nations tour and the All Star Camp that I went on have given me plenty of confidence in my own abilities."

Constantly playing the game at a million miles an hour, Waerea-Haregreaves says while he won't curb his aggressive style of play he has learnt to up the tempo at the right stage of the match.

"I am learning to choose my time for the heavy stuff like the big hits more effectively," he said.

"I like to keep the big hits in my back pocket and try and pull them out when we are in need of a bit of a spark."

As is often the case JWH is much tougher on the field then off it.

Always with a smile on his face and the first to meet and great Members Waerea-Hargreaves is the good kind of bloke opposition fans wish he wasn't.

When he is not busy leading the pack, the former Manly player can often be found cruising the streets of Sydney on the look-out for one of his favourite locations, dog parks.

A photo Jared posted of his dogs on twitter

"I go cruising Sydney looking for them," he said.

"The girlfriend and I just go adventuring around Sydney looking for new parks to take my dogs."

"It's either that or I am playing golf with Skiddsy (Shaun Kenny-Dowall)."

Not that fans need any introduction in to the big man's activities.

A quick browse of one of Waerea-Hargreaves newest hobbies, twitter where he can be found at @JWH_755 and you will know everything going on with the man born in Rotorua.

"I am really enjoying twitter at the moment, it is great to interact with all the club's Members on there and hearing their opinions on certain things happening at the Roosters," he said.

"It also gives me a chance to follow different artists and all the other people I have an interest in."

One of JWH's interests at the moment is the Storm and the upcoming battle against the undefeated side at AAMI Park this Sunday afternoon.

Whilst admitting it is a tough road trip, Waerea-Hargreaves is confident the Tricolours can come away with the win in what is his 50th NRL match.

"Last week just wasn't acceptable, we need to improve and we know that and we have been doing everything we can this week to make sure that happens," he said.

"The Storm have proved they are once again going to be one of the most consistent teams in the competition so all we can do is stick to our style of footy, improve on last week and the rest will look after itself."

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