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Italian State of Origin

The FIRL is pleased to announce the 'ITALIAN STATE OF ORIGIN.
Italian State of Origin
by NRL

The FIRL is pleased to announce the 'ITALIAN STATE OF ORIGIN.

Saturday, June 25, 2011, at 18:00 ITALIAN STATE OF ORIGIN at stadium Piacenza Beltrametti, LONGOBARDI (selection of the best players in league from the North West) VS LEONI VENETI (selection of the best players in the league from North East).

This game show case the best players of the Italian rugby league, all vying for selection in the National squad, which will tour England in mid-September in preparation for the World Cup qualifiers this October.

In light of the technical support from the RLEF, this game will exemplify the work of the F.I.R.L, Paul Broadbent and the commitment by the Clubs during this last month with the Serie A.

Both the LONGOBARDI, and theLEONI VENETI, consist of the best players who will be each fighting for a spot on the National Team. These selections will show chase the best talent of the Italian rugby league.

The F.I.R.L, is pleased to invite all those who wish to attend this exciting event on Saturday, June 25, 2011 at 18:00 c / o Piacenza Beltrametti Stadium, for the ITALIAN STATE OF ORIGIN Lombards VS Leoni Venti.

LONGOBARDI: Ciaurro, Robuschi, Cardella, D.Muyodi, E.Muyodi, Rossi, Berzieri, Franchi, Sola, Stead Covati, Barzan, Pavia, Cerri, Ilinca, Cenerini (XIII del Ducato), Carrara, Delhoume, Poumes (XIII del Duomo), Neri (XIII del Ducato), Quitadamo, Monteleone Grotti, Pavoni.
LEONI VENETI : Berge, Valenti, Anziliero, Dallera, Fadalti, Prizzon, Nasso, Borlin, Sands, Orfano, Facco, Reffo, Buonuomo (Grifons Pd), Fusaro, Bonfiglio (Mastini RL Tv), Persico, Barbuianni, Zanella, Portaluri, Pettenello (Ercole Monselice RL)

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