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Denis Betts appointed Widnes Head Coach

Widnes Vikings announce the appointment of Denis Betts as Head Coach on a two year deal.
Denis Betts appointed Widnes Head Coach
by NRL

Widnes Vikings announce the appointment of Denis Betts as Head Coach on a two year deal.

Commenting on the appointment, the Vikings Chairman, Steve O'Connor said: "The board and I are aware that the appointment of our coach for Super League is one that is crucial to our development as a club and its future success. The team considered this decision very carefully, we looked a number of other candidates, it was abundantly clear during this process that Denis was the best fit for our club. He has the right values, ambition and capabilities to take this club forward and we are absolutely 100% behind him.

"This announcement comes before the end of our 'early-bird' Stronghold membership on 31 May 2011 and I would urge existing and new members to pledge their support on-line or in person before then. We can then move swiftly on to the identification and recruitment of players, we want the best for this great club and its future.

Paul Cullen, Director of Rugby said: "Denis Betts will take full responsibility for the identification and selection of players for our entry into Super League, I will be supporting him with the recruitment of these players. Already, we have had a great deal of interest from both overseas and UK players but it would not have been either appropriate or fair to enter into any negotiations prior to Denis's appointment. Now we will both be working hard to identify current squad members and new signings and we are determined to attract the best there is to come to Widnes and be part of our future. Youth development continues to be an intrinsic part of our longer-term strategy and Denis fully supports what we are doing as a club.

"On a personal note, I am confident that Denis will grow to be one of the best Super League coaches in the UK, I have been impressed with his coaching techniques and the way he has engendered team spirit in the current squad, the club is in a completely unique position this season.

Denis Betts, Head Coach said: "I am extremely honoured that this great club has put its faith in me. Since being here I have impressed not only with the leadership and management but with the administration and playing staff. The vision of the club is clear for Super League, it wants to be dynamic and sustainable and I want to be part of its journey.

"The toughest task ahead is the retention and recruitment of players and I am in no doubt that the buck stops with me. I am looking forward to working alongside Paul and Julie and putting this club back where it belongs.... at the top."

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