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DISCORD 2011: Edition 34

EVERYONE else has had their say on the Battle of Brookvale so Discord may as well weigh in.
DISCORD 2011: Edition 34
by NRL

EVERYONE else has had their say on the Battle of Brookvale so Discord may as well weigh in.

I don't see how the NRL could have reacted better, although in hindsight it would have been handy had Adam Blair and Glenn Stewart been kept apart.

You can have all your polls that say 75 per cent of people like the biff. Seventy-four per cent probably would welcome players taking baseball bats onto the field and playing to the death.

It's called bloodlust.

The League, however, have to give consideration to parents allowing their children to play the game and there is no way a mother making that decision this week would have said 'yes' in most cases.

Also, I don't think people give enough consideration to the fact the two players were out of the game when they got stuck back into it. This is the equivalent of refusing to leave the field when sent off - it is a direct challenge to the match officials' authority and - if unpunished - leads to anarchy.

Players on the bench getting involved ... there aren't too many more serious transgressions when it comes to ignoring the authority of the match officials and the game's administration.

Adam Blair will be back in the Four Nations. Glenn Stewart is yet to learn of his fate. Both clubs did the right thing by the game when they accepted the other sanctions.


I ALSO thought officials got it right in handing Sam Tomkins a slap over the wrists for his two-fingered salute at Wembley.

It becomes a bit of a chicken-and-the-egg argument: Tomkins doesn't like Leeds fans because they booed him playing for Wembley. They say they don't like him because he's the sort of guy who would give them the finger.

Who threw the first insult?

Wigan were the better side on Saturday but the pass Jeff Lima took for his second try was forward. I agree with Steve Ganson's decision to award the try to Thomas Leuluai. It was a close thing - but he got it down.

In case you missed it, club owner Ian Lenegan offered the following statement: "We were ashamed at the gesture.

"Such gestures towards opposing fans have no place at Wigan or in the rugby league family and both I and Michael Maguire condemn them unreservedly.

"Sam has come forward today to apologise voluntarily for his immature action, which he knows reflects badly on the Wigan club and himself and was disrespectful to Leeds fans generally."


WELL, it wasn't the most comments we've had on a column - but they were some of the most forthright!

Dave, if you think I'm endorsing recreational drug use by NRL players simply because I don't think Andrew Johns used drugs to cheat, then you are welcome to think that. I don't think anything a player does away from the field should have any impact at all on whether he is named an Immortal. If Johns never signed an autograph, never gave an interview and was suspended for punching a referee, I would still say he should be an Immortal.

Johnathan, there is a lot of mail that he will be back at Cronulla in 2013, yes. Paul Gallen has said publically he wants him back.

Dragon68, I am not being facetious. It was a good story. I worked at the Telegraph and I can tell you the conspiracies you imagine simply do not occur. There's no time in a newsroom for some of the editorial interference people suspect to take place. The paper is a tabloid. Tabloids annoy people from time to time. Toyota Cup games did out-rate Super 14s games not involving Australian teams on Fox. As detailed above, players brawling after being sent to the sin bin is a terrible look for our game and stops kids from being allowed to play. No over-reaction in my view. They recently had a split in Russia which is slowly being healed, I believe. They are taking part in the World Cup qualifiers later this year.

Don't forget to check out the new White Line Fever podcast. I have genuine hopes of it becoming a real radio show on ABC digital in the near future.

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