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Bathurst Railway Memories



My old club in Group 10 is sadly defunct, pretty strange when you consider that they won 5 Grand Finals in 10 years from 1972 to 1981 and featured in plenty more in the lower grades.
Would love to hear from former supporters and players from this great club that had Alan Latham who played for Wests in the early 80's, Paul Dunn a Kangaroo in 1986, Terry Regan who went onto to play for Balmain, Easts & Canberra, Paul Hope at Norths in the mid 70's & Mark Horton at Easts in the mid 80's.
Railway last won a premiership in the Division One comp in Group 10 in 1996 after being absent for a couple of years, we had some great Coaches over the Years and some not so great ones but some of my Favourites were Greg Hay, Billy Rose, Bobby Adamson & Scott Gustard as well as Kevin Grimshaw in 1996. 


I used to be the ballboy at the old Bathurst Sportsground and also when Carrington Park first opened next door. I walked the sideline many a time watching Railways, Charlestons and my old junior club St Pats.

I've still got a Bathurst Railways jumper in my wardrobe somewhere that Bathurst League stalwart Colin Wood gave me (he wore it in a pre season 7's comp in the early to mid '80's).

It's sad to see 'em fold. 


I was a Cowra boy growing up. Played many a game at the old Sportsground and also at the Showground when St Pats were still developing the Kelso site. I moved to Bathurst through my work in Jan 2000 and was involved with Bathurts Panthers from 2002-06 before moving back home to Cowra. Many memories of Railway, Charlos and Shammies...the three clubs that are now defunct in Group 10. 

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