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Rnd3 - Roosters v Broncos



he fear for Brisbane fans was that Justin Hodges' absence against the Sydney Roosters would be terminal. They were right. Without Hodges, the Broncos' attack never got going. In the opening two games of the season, Hodges registered three try assists and two line break assists.
He is an out-and-out match-winner. Contrast that with halfback Scott Prince. In three games, Prince is yet to register a try assist, line break or line break assist. Asked about the Hodges' factor after the game, coach Anthony Griffin told Triple MMM: "It's a factor but it's not an excuse."
The Broncos had no right to lose against the Roosters. In the second half alone, they enjoyed 58 percent possession. The Roosters made 402 tackles, the Broncos 284. It was a mirror-image of round two when the Broncos had no ball but beat St George Illawarra. Only this time the Roosters were heroic. Roosters coach Trent Robinson was the defensive genius behind the club's 2010 grand final charge.
Last year, they conceded a whopping 626 points. On Saturday night, the Broncos couldn't manage one line break despite all that possession.
"Thats just come down to how tight we really are," Waerea-Hargreaves said. "We talk about having each other's back and the tightness of the group. It's trying to build this brotherhood. We have so many guys that are all over the place. When we come together, we take advantage of our time together. We really enjoy each other's company. My missus blows up because I go into training two hours early. I just want to be around the boys. I think it's important to communicate and connect with the boys you play with."

Team of the week

Sydney Roosters - For the second week in a row, rugby league was blessed with an outstanding defensive performance. A week after Brisbane fended off St George Illawarra, the Roosters did the same to the Broncos. Kudos.


Unfortunately I missed the game (and haven't seen a replay yet). But boy was I shocked when I saw we kept a side to NIL!!! 

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