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NSW Team, Game 1 2013



First project: New halfback. 
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1 Hayne
2 Merrit
3 Morris
4 Jennings
5 Uate
6 Maloney
7 Pearce
8 Gallen (c)
9 Farah
10 Tamou
11 Hoffman
12 Lewis
13 Bird

14 Woods
15 Merrin
16 Watmough
17 Gidley 


Looks like Steward and B Morris is out :(.
New Lineup:
1 Hayne
2 Ferguson/Merritt - I think Ferguson would be a lot harder to stop.
3 Morris
4 Jennings
5 Uate
6 Maloney/Carney - Tough one to pick but maybe Maloney for his kicking skills.
7 Pearce
8 Grant
9 Farah
10 Tamou
11 Bird
12 Hoffman
13 Gallen (c)

14 Gidley
15 Lewis
16 Watmough
17 T-Rex/Mason - I think they might go with a prop but Williams can rotate as prop like last year. 


What side will be selected this year.I imagine it will not change much from last year depending on injuries.I just hope they keep there mouths shut when commenting on the selected side.Get sick of hearing this is the best ever picked or this is the side to win us the series or the best one used yet was this is the side we have picked for the future.Remember those fellas. My god QLD probably picked there side last october depending on injuries.Lets pick the NSW side with out any labels on them.You know who ever picked will do there best. 


Here is my NSW team. Love to see any comments. Some surprises but hey they need to win. If Mitchell Pearce or Ben Creagh are selected than I believe that Origin maybe rigged as you cannot give yourself a chance to win unless you have the right team on the field in the first place.
1. Michael Gordon (Hayne plays better on left wing in Origin)
2. Left wing: Jarryd Hayne (best position for him given past performances and reckon he is better suited against Tate rather than Boyd).
3. Josh Morris - Did a fine job against Inglis so no reason to drop him.
4. Michael Jennings - played well against Hodges - no reason to drop the incumbent.
5. Nathan Merritt - My opinion is that he has to be in the team purely for attacking purposes especially if I have his South Sydney halfback in.
6. Greg Bird - surprises me that he has won big man of matches in this role and at this level yet history is ignored and he continues to be selected in the forwards.
7. Adam Reynolds - Pearce cannot defend against Thurston full stop.
8. Ashton Sims - huge surprise I know - its just that I don't want to pick a player already intimidated by the QLD's. Sims is not fazed by the QLD's and will come up against teammate Matt Scott.
9. Ryan Hinchcliffe - another surprise but it is purely to tire out/rough up his Storm teammate Smith, with Farah to come on at halftime.
10. James Tamou- not many options around.
11. Luke Lewis - no reason not to have him.
12. Wade Graham - origin made like Greg Bird.
13. Paul Gallen - his best position.
Reserves: Robbie Farah (attacking raid in 2nd 40 against Cam Smith), Feleti Mateo (Hope he clicks with players like Merritt aroud), Mitchell Aubusson; and Liam Fulton or Shaun Fensom - very underrated players in my opinion.
Like I mentioned earlier I wanted some new blood but also players not intimidated by the qlders hence the inclusion of Wade Graham and Ashton Sims. 


The team simply has to be this

1. J hayne
2. B Morris
3. M Jennings
4. J Morris
5. B Ferguson
6. T Carney
7. M Pearce
8. T Grant
9. R Farrah
10. J Tamou
11. G Bird
12. A Watmough
13. P Gallen c

14. K Gidley
15. T Merrin
16. L Lewis
17. W Mason

If we wanna beat qld this has to be the team for once they have to go with a little bit of experience and build on what has been done in the last couple of years hayne is a match winner he must play fullback, whilst Reynolds is in good form he's way to young to handle this sort of pressure, and Pearce is in good form as well, and ferguson isn't ideal as he is lacking experience but injuries and his form warrant his selection, i also think that tg and Tamou can match any front rowers in the world along with the experience and size of mason and the footwork of Merrin 


And btw @realism that would have to be the worst nsw team ive ever seen someone come up with, farah was our best player last year and you wanna bench him for someone who doesnt even player hooker for his club, ashton sims has been dropped by the cowboys more then once this year and you wanna start him, is that a joke? probably nsw biggest strength is in our back row, but yet some how youve got wade graham and liam fulton in which is beyond ridiculous especially fulton!!!!!! and top it off your playing bird at 5/8 who has proven he can on occasion he can pull out a solid performance there, but is consistently a world class player when in the backrow, not to mention that he hasn't played 5/8 for years, im getting sick and tired of nsw not learning from there mistakes and making wholesale changes from year to year, and sometimes game to game, and idiots like you are the worst who wanna play players out of position where there not comfortable, and im sure you'll probably be the first to whinge when it doesn't work. Ricky has done a hell of alot of work to get us going in the right direction, for god sake we need to build on that!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


tiberi are the selectors to pick a side to win the first game or one to win the series.Or they have mentioned in the past that we pick a side to lead us into the future.Remember those lines thrown around in the past.Also if reynolds is to young to be thrown in how old was pearce when he debuted.Would you really bring mason back in instead of a younger forward who could cement himself apart of the future sides. 


bigbear yea peacse was extremeley young when he picked, in fact far to young, and thats a huge reason as to why hes never been apart of a winning series, but now his around the right age and should be ready to step up and lead us to victory, reynolds would be a huge step back at this point, all your gonna do is wreck the kids confidence just like what happened to pearce, mullen and wallace, all of whom debut far to young, i'd bring mason back becaus hes a proven performer at origin and brings huge size, sure wooods ana fafita are in goof form but, i cant say them putting there hands up to rip into qlds pack when there under the hugs amounts of pressure that will be put on them, people have been talking about a future side for years, but future sides to wing games, the present ones do, we would throw away all the work that been done in the past 


1. Hayne
2. Uate
3. Ferguson
4. Jennings
5. B. Morris / Taufua (If Morris injured)
6. Carney
7. Pearce
8. Tamou
9. Farah
10. Gallen
11. Bird
12. Lewis
13. Fensom

14. Gidley
15. Woods
16. Fifita
17. Watmough 


footy99 name your side for origin 1 or is it the same as gun gunslinger 


1. J Hayne (Without Stewart I reckon he's a must, has been excellent at origin level)
2. N Merritt (Could he be NSW's Adam Mogg? The Bloke is a try scoring sensation, he would die for the jersey. I reckon he's made for origin
3. J Morris (Solid last year, I like the way he plays, can sniff out a try)
4. M Jennings (The form centre in the comp, was one of the few attacking threats last year)
5. J Taufua (A bit like Uate adds value as a battering ram, I think he's much better defensively though)
6. T Carney (Was average last year but I think he can do it, needs to get in to the game more take ownership of his role)
7. A Reynolds (The bloke is so much better than Pearce I don't really see an argument)

8. T Grant (Only just keeps his spot, i though he went missing after his 1 big hit up, needs a bigger effort this year)
9. R Farah (NSW player of the eries last year)
10. J Tamou (Tough as nails, one of the best in the game at the moment)
11. T Sims (Has the size and strength to combat the big QLDers worth a go I reckon)
12. G Bird (Always one of NSW's best players)
13. P Gallen (If fit the first man picked)

14. A Fifita (Big is good and this bloke is playing the house down at the moment)
15. A Woods (Has been very good for a while now, I reckon he would step up, only just makes it ahead of Merrin and Tolman who I think have more minutes in them I just don't think they add the same impact)
16. L Lewis (Very good career in origin, makes big plays and gives 110%, has utility value)
17. W Graham (I might have picked K Gidley but he just doesn't have it any more, he has old legs. Will be injured after 10 minutes. W Graham is hard as nails and adds good utility value. Like someone said before the bloke was built for origin.

I'm not even a Sharks Fan but I have picked 5 of them I could definitely be convinced to drop Carney (Maloney maybe) and Graham (Hinchcliffe) possibly even Lewis for a Watmough or Hoffman for that matter.
I reckon Glenn Stewart has been protecting himself a bit since his injury, he's too scared to do the hard yards so he's nowhere near my team.


naming this NSW BLUES team is pointless queensland will take it home again
1 - hayne
2 - uate
3 - jennings
4 - j morris
5 - merrit
6 - maloney
7 - pierce
8 - woods
9 - farah
10 - tamou
11 - bird
12 - watmoaugh
13 - gallen


1 - slater
2 - boyd
3 - inglis
4 - hodges
5 - tate
6- thurston
7 - cronk
8 - scott
9 - smith
10 - hala (doubt it though) lol
11- thaiday
12 - gillete
13- parker

14 - cherry evans
15 -te'o
16 - hoffman
17 - .......



1. Jarryd Hayne
2. Brett Morris
3. Michael Jeenings
4. Josh Morris
5. Akuila Uate
6. James Maloney
7. Mitchell Pearce
8. Trent Merrin
9. Robbie Farah
10. James Tamou
11. Anthony Watmough
12. Greg Bird
13. Paul Gallen

14. Aaron Woods
15. Tim Grant
16. Luke Lewis
17. Tim Mannah 


NSW ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!


Gordon, Jennings, ferguson,Morris, hayne... Carney,( souths Reynolds ) Pearce... Grant, farrah, Jtam... Hoffman bird gallen... Lewis, watmough, T.sims, Mason... Reynolds,Fifita, woods, taufua, merrin, gstewart, trex, merrin, 


How long is uate & Morris out for? 


NSW are just flushed for talent.So many to choose from ,the big decision is who gets left out.Oh well make it easy and pick the side who played in game 3.How hard is that.Just remember all those QLD boys are getting older and probably slower.Just hope with old age they arent getting smarter. 


1. Jarryd Hayne, 2. Brett Morris/Nathan Merrit, 3. Josh Morris, 4. Michael Jennings, 5. Blake Ferguson, 6. Todd Carney, 7. Mitchell Pearce 8. Trent Merrin 9. Robbie Farah 10. James Tamou, 11. Anthony Watmough, 12. Greg Bird, 13. Paul Gallen, 14. Kurt Gidley, 15. Tim Mannah, 16. Luke Lewis, 17. Aaron Woods/Tim Grant. I like a 4 prop rotation. 18th man Willie Mason. 


News update: looks like Ferguson is a definite and Bret Morris has fully recovered. Maloney gets the node ahead of Carney. That leaves the backline to; 1.Hayne, 2.Ferguson, 3.Jennings, 4.JMorris, 5.BMorris, 6.Maloney, 7.Pearce.

Daley is considering Gallen at prop and one prop off the bench?? Are they also thinking of selecting Glen Steward too? Besides Gallen, the only other prospect of backrowers who is a definite are Lewis, Bird, and Watmough. Bench players is Gidley, which leaves 1xprop(Fifita, Grant, Woods, Mason, etc) and 2xbackrowers(Hoffman, J Idris, T Sims, Glen Steward, T-Rex, etc). I think that is what NSW squad will look like. I hope Bob Fulton is not pulling the strings again and include players like Jamie Buhrer who got selected ahead of Watmough in 2012 origin - game 1. Enough with the politics!!!! I don't even rate Glen Steward either!!!

Only a few more days before the team announcement. Best of luck to our NSW selectors :)


i like vincent619's for the NSW Game 1


1.Brett Stewart
2.Blake Ferguson
3. Josh Morris
4.Michael Jennings
5.Brett Morris
6.James Maloney
7.Adam Reynolds
8.Tim Grant
9.Robbie Farah
10.James Tamou
11.Luke Lewis
12.Greg Bird
13.Paul Gallen
14.Trent Merrin
15.Willie Mason
16.Nathan Merritt
17.Aaron Woods
18th man Jamal Idris 


1. Jarryd Hayne
2. Akuila Uate
3. Michael Jeeninigs
4. Josh Morris
5. Wes Naiqama
6. Jarrod Mullen
7. James Maloney
8. Luke Lewis
9. Robbie Farah
10. Kevin Eastwood
11. James Tamou
12. Greg Bird
13. Paul Gallen

14. Adam Blair
15. Sony Bill Williams
16. Brett Morris
17. Nathan Friend
18. Jamal Idris
19. Ben Barba
20. Blake Ferguson 


Hmm Brian 322. Sony Bill is a kiwi, Ben Barba is a queenslander. Luke Lewis at prop? Never heard of Kevin Eastwood lol. Adam Blair is a Kiwi as well i think, correct me if im wrong, and his form has reminded me of a park footballer this year although at prop for the tigers against the cowboys was one of his better games. but well done thats a nice looking team.


1. Jarryd Hayne (Eels)
2. Brett Morris (Dragons)
3. Michael Jennings (Roosters)
4. Josh Morris (Bulldogs)
5. Blake Ferguson (Raiders)
6. James Maloney (Roosters)
7. Mitchell Pearce (Roosters)
8. Paul Gallen (Sharks, capt)
9. Robbie Farah (Tigers)
10. James Tamou (Cowboys)
11. Ryan Hoffman (Storm)
12.Luke Lewis (Sharks)
13. Greg Bird (Titans)
14. Kurt Gidley (Knights)
15. Anthony Watmough (Manly)
16. Andrew Fifita (Sharks)
17. Trent Merrin (Dragons)

Awesome! That is almost exactly what I predicted. I am very pleased with the lineup 99%. Ok, any takers on Trent Merrin being number 17? I think this will be NSW strongest team in a long time.


Pretty good team, Ryan Hoffman is a great addition. Pearce and Maloney deserve to be there on form, pretty good forward pack even though for many of them (Bird, Lewis, Gidley, Gallen etc.) it will be there last roll of the dice with age catching up to them. On form I would have gone with Woods and Grant ahead of Tamou and Gallen. Gallen is lacking in match fitness and has a habit of giving away stupid penalties at crucial times, Tamou is a born and bred Kiwi who has represented the Junior Kiwis and the New Zealand Maori. It shows how desperate NSW are that they pick a kiwi over two quality props that were born and bred in NSW. The rest of the team is pretty good although I don't know what Merrit has to do to be given a shot. 


@JasonK - Gallen is a definite regardless?? Although, I do agree with you on another specialist prop either Grant or Woods maybe replacing T-Merrin. However, Daley has gone with a more mobile forward pack than size. Tamou is ancient history now. If they only relied on where they were born then Greg Iglis, Thaiday, etc, would be playing for NSW. Willie Mason was born in NZ and he played for NSW and Kangaroos and the same as Karmichael Hunt. The list goes on! 

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