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NSW State Of Origin



1 Josh Dugan
2 George Tafua
3 Jacob Loko / Joseph leiluia
4 Jamal Idris
5 Jarrryd hayne
6 Mitchell Pearce
7 James Maloney
8 James Tamou
9 Robbie Farah
10 Andrew Fifita
11 Tariq Sims
12 Tony Williams
13 Paul Gallen
14 Luke Lewis
15 Aaron woods
16 Trent Merrin
17 Tim Grant
My NSW State Of Origin Team
Don't know what the F#&* the Morris brothers are still doing in the team, it hasn't worked with them for the last 7 years so whats the difference, come this year round. 


Good lineup. However, Brett Morris is a Kangaroo and rightly deserve to be there. The Morris brothers made a difference Origin 1 and last year. No, they weren't included fully in the past 7yrs so that makes invalid. Game 2 was definitely a shocker! I know how you and the rest of the NSW fans feel. There is only one player to point out who was out of position on defense(Nathan Merritt). I think Hayne will be right come Origin 3. The question is, will they still play him at Fullback or on the wing? I thought Dugan played a strong game and only made the 1xmistake under the high bomb. The results still stands and hopefully they finally break the drought ;) 

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