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Trial v Cowboys



St George Illawarra Dragons Head Coach Steve Price has today named a 25-man squad to travel to Cairns next week for a pre-season camp ahead of their opening trial match.
The Dragons depart Sydney on Monday, February 11 and spend the week in Cairns training, conducting coaching clinics and participating in promotional activities in the lead-up to their opening trial match against the North Queensland Cowboys at Barlow Park on Saturday, February 16.
Price admits that the travelling squad are all looking forward to the upcoming hit-out and sees it at as an ideal opportunity to see how far his players have developed so far this pre-season.

“The entire team is excited to be travelling up to Cairns next week after a very tough pre-season that has extended over nearly four months,” said Price.
“Cairns is a wonderful city and the squad is looking forward to getting out and about amongst the community as we know there is a large Dragons supporter base up there.
“We will have several days to acclimatise to the warm conditions expected to be on offer ahead of what will be a competitive trial game against the Cowboys.
“I know everyone that has been selected will be wanting to put their hand up and demonstrate what they are capable of and what they have taken with them from the pre-season.”
The Dragons will also be within the Cairns community in the lead-up to the match working with the local association to help promote the game of rugby league in the area.
Dragons players not travelling to Perth will be participating in NRL One Community Carnival and Dragons Community activities throughout the St George, Illawarra and South Coast regions alongside several Dragons Ambassadors.
The Dragons have today also announced the signing of Taioalo Junior Vaivai to a one-year contract that will see him join the Club until at least the end of 2013.
[h=4]Dragons Squad Travelling to Cairns:[/h]Gerard Beale
Matt Cooper
Ben Creagh (c)
Jack de Belin
Josh Drinkwater
Nathan Fien
Tyson Frizell
Bronx Goodwin
Bronson Harrison
Michael Henderson
Cameron King
Will Matthews
Trent Merrin
Brett Morris
Jason Nightingale
Matt Prior
Mitch Rein
Adam Quinlan
Charly Runciman
Todd Ryan
Jamie Soward
Chase Stanley
Jack Stockwell
Atelea Vea
Daniel Vidot 
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I would be quite happy if they did because I know he wouldn't let us down.
They started him in the round 25 game against the Warriors and he was the best forward on the park ( Hunt also played like the devil that game),
strong runs, took three to pull him down with effort and he defended really well. I think I said it before he really reminds me of Craig Smith in style and that's something any team would be happy to have.

Prior can play prop, doesn't mean he should. We have plenty of good props, let Prior concentrate on being a tackling machine in the second row, don't confuse the boy. 


How did Soward look? Has he trimmed down a little? 


Probably, not something I took note of. I did see him involve himself more than usual so maybe that's something. 


The St George Illawarra Dragons have were defeated 28-22 in front of over 12,000 fans at Barlow Park, Cairns on Saturday.

The Cowboys scored five tries to the Dragons four, including two in the last five minutes to snatch the victory.

“In the opening 20 minutes of the game we turned over too much ball and couldn’t control their roll-on but overall I was very pleased with the match particularly as it was our first trial of the year and the second for the Cowboys,” said Head Coach Steve Price.

“When we completed our sets we were a threatening footy team and in the second half our completions were up over 80 per cent.

“I was really impressed with our young guys who had the chance to make their debuts tonight (Quinlan, Runciman, Drinkwater, Ryan) as well as the likes of Cameron King and Jack Stockwell who was very strong for us up front tonight.

“Most of our senior players only played the first half of the game and it was great to see Jamie Soward take control in the second half and guide the young guys around the field."

The Cowboys jumped to an early 12-0 lead off the back of their strong forward pack in the opening quarter resulting in two long-range tries to Clint Greenshields and Michael Morgan under the posts.

The Dragons hit back in the second quarter with Chase Stanley scoring the Club's first try of the year, catching a great cross-field bomb from Jamie Soward.

The Cowboys then extended their lead when forward James Taumalolo bust over from close range, Morgan converted to take the score to 18-4.

Matt Cooper hit back the Dragons just two minutes before half time following slick ball movement out to the left. Soward converted to make the score at half time 18-10.

Many of the Dragons' starting 13 didn’t play the second half enabling the full 25-man squad to play a part in the match and young gun Adam Quinlan in particular demonstrated why he was included in the full-time training squad over the pre-season.

Quinlan replaced the injured Bronx Goodwin (shoulder) early in the second quarter and showed great pace and a cheeky flick pass to Soward who opened the scoring in the second half and converted to bring the score to 18-16. These were the only points scored in the third quarter.

Quinlan was again involved at the start of the fourth quarter with another break, this time setting up Dragons' debutant Bronson Harrison who crossed to put the Dragons in the lead 22-18, with the help of a Soward conversion.

The Cowboys then scored two tries in the final five minutes to snatch the late victory 28-22.

Tries: Stanley, Cooper, Soward, Harrison
Goals: Soward 2, Drinkwater 1
Tries: Greenshields, Morgan, Taumalolo, J Bowen
Goals: Morgan 3, Feldt 


Goodwin got injured, not sure to what extent but unfortunately can't catch a break. 


Didn't he get injured in trials last season or was that 2011? 


Goodwin and Kyle made of glass 


Goodwin's whole career is plagued with injuries. The guy just cant keep it together..

Go Quinlan . 


Goodwin out 4 months with a pec injury. Goes into surgery tomorrow. 


What terrible luck. We'll have to call him Bronx the tragic Dragon if he keeps it up.
Seriously but I hope he recovers quickly and has a better run in future. Our centres have all been injury prone for about 7 years or so - time for a change of luck. 


I was just wondering when the on-season trials are on? 


It's on-season when we see a Trial that parra players look like they want to participate in :lol: 


So, then never. 


Not sure if everyone has seen it. For those who havent.

Pricey - Post game chat. Some footage for some of us who didn't stream it.

Question: For us who didn't get here for the live feed.

Can we watch it somewhere now the game is over? 


Yeah, you can watch it here. 


Ohh sweeet 


Thanks for pointing that out Watatank, I watched it last night.

The standouts for me were Quinlan, Stockwell, C.Stanley and Vidot, all of whom played with real commitment and shone in an otherwise lacklustre game. Greenshields too stood out and will be a great buy for the Cows, I was disappointed when he left the Dragons, he's a very handy fb.

1 Beale - Struggled I thought with the pace early and if he's pivotal in our shiny new attack he was giving nothing away - maybe saving it for a first round ambush.

2 Morris - went through the motions, it's a trial and he has nothing to prove.

3 Stanley - Tireless in defence and played up tempo in attack when others looked overcome by the climate up there. Very impressed with his effort.

4 Cooper - Looked relaxed and ready for a big season, also looked a bit more aggressive than usual.

5 Nightingale - Same as Moz he has nothing to prove but can't help but give 100% every game, even a trial.

6 Soward - Kicking game good as usual although he was nearly caught by enthusiastic defence more than once. He showed on the night some of his best attributes like being there to clean up when the opposition grubbers through close to our line - he's always there, great reading in defence. He backs up instinctively like he can see the break coming, again, great reader of the game. And there's his invaluable kicking game, he'd be close to the league's best.

7 Fien - Also put in some handy kicks and tried to spark the attack. Very solid defender too, don't know why people write him off.

8 Prior - He's a decent second rower. Played better than I thought for about 10 minutes, putting in some great hits but looked to tire quite quickly. Hit up were OK, nothing special.

9 Rein - Excellent defence but threw a few wobbly passes from dummy half, needs to sharpen that up if he's to be our first choice hooker because King is very sharp in that department - great ball to his halves and forwards, fast and acurate which can't be undervalued. A bad pass can really kill momentum and even ruin a play.

10 De Belin - Solid, worked well with Prior to put on some good hits and made some useful runs as well. He's a real workhorse.

11 Frizell - Looked small and ineffective and I'd say wouldn't be very high in the tackle breaks department. Hope he gets better.

12 Creagh (c) Here's a problem, Creagh looked lost and uncertain for most of the time he was out there. He was trying to look after everyone and everything like a good captain should only he seemed so awkward doing it. He didn't look comfortable approaching the refs either, you could see it, he'd approach, back off, approach again and then say something irrelevent like " they're lying all over us" or something when the Cows got a penalty. In attack he made a couple of classic Creagh hit ups, full tilt, straight ahead, thoughtless and predictable. Hope the captaincy doesn't prove too great a burden, I really like Creagh.

13 Merrin - Starting prop for mine. Solid as usual, he'll have a great season wherever he plays.


14 Vidot - Very strong, powerful runs and solid defence, already looks better than he did last year.

15 Harrison - Not sure about him yet. Did well to back up Quinlan for try.

16 Vea - Didn;t have a great impact but I didn't see much of him to be honest.

17 King - Looks the goods this kid, someone mentioned above we look better with him on
the paddock rolling us forward and giving great service from dummy half, I'd have to agree completely.

19 Drinkwater - Another I didn't really pay attention to.

20 Ryan - Ditto. All I saw of him was him throwing his arms around and whinging to the ref when his team mates got tackled.

21 Runciman Ditto - not sure he was even out there.

22 Goodwin - Poor bloke

23 Henderson - Yeah put a great hit on wotshisname but then copped 3 or 4 as payback. Will be a handy back up, good strong worker.

24 Stockwell - Very impressed with this fella, tireless in defence and some good strong hit ups. Look forward to seeing him in first grade.

25 Matthews - Always looks a bit tired but still a solid defender.

26 Quinlan - Wow, this kid's a natural, get him into first grade asap. If we want to score more point this year this kid can help us do it and I think him and Sowie could carve up a few teams given the chance. Yeah he's small but damn he can play. He knows where to be and when and how to make a break - another Blacklock in the making. I vote Quinlan for Fullback (or possibly no.7 ). 


I have no idea why the text is all over the shop ??? 


Just copy/paste into notepad and then back again before you post. 


Good review Kit. I've only watched about 50% of the game in dribs and drabs but I agree with almost everything you've said. I thought Beale looked off the pace and Fien was decent (although that might just be a confirmation bias since that is what I was saying before the game). Agree on Rein and King; you've got something special brewing there. 


Fien was good but can he play 26 rounds? 


Probably manage 24 rounds :D 


I watched it also and agree with most of Kits' summation but not all. One thing's for sure, I was very worried about our 3 and 4, this year but after this trial, I feel we maybe seeing a much improved Chase in 2013 and I really liked what I saw of V-dot in the centres. Not to mention that we still have a very experienced player in Coops looking like he wants to prove that he still can match it. 


Yeah Chase and Vidot were great. With Vidot's strength to push through the line and hopefully get the ball out to Moz we could see some good things this year. It wouldn't hurt either to have Coops defending on our right side, it looked a little brittle in this trial - although it was an unsettled line-up I admit. Certainly an option. 


From memory Cooper looks quite uncomfortable on the right edge. Never played as well as he did on the left. 


Cooper is left centre. Vidot played in Cooper's spot against the Cowboys but will get his chance in CS on the right. 

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