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Predict the finishing order of the comp.



Predict the finishing order of the comp, from grand final winners and runners up etc, down to wooden spooners. 


Knights premiers.........daylight second an then who cares. 


So now you care about other people's opinions? Why don't you just save us all the drama and tell us YOUR finishing order so we can all agree with you and get on with the season? Alright...GO! 


At first i was just going to ask everyone to predict where we will finish, but then I thought predict where every team will finish would be more interesting.

But if it is too difficult for you to predict every team, just predict where Saints will finish. I will think about my finishing order tonight and post tomorrow. 


Storm first

Dragons spoon 


1. Storm
2. Cowboys
3. Souths
4. Sharks
5. Bulldogs
6. Manly
7. Roosters
8. Knights
9. Raiders
10. Broncos
11. Warriors
12. Tigers
13. Dragons
14. Titans
15. Eels
16. Panthers

No reasoning why, it's just a rough guess. I'd also like to add it would probably change again in a weeks time. 


1. Nth Qld. Probably the best forward pack in the comp, best player in the comp and no weeknesses.

2. Melbourne. The big 3, what more can I say.

3. Canterbury. Massive threat, Best coach, top forward pack and strong all over the park. Barba will be back when he is clean lol, they say around 8 weeks.

they are my clear first 3 picks.

4. Easts SBW will make a massive difference. They have bought very well. I think Pearce will have a top year. They have some top youngsters too. They lost a few games tragically last year too.

5. Manly. Probably the best pair of halves in the comp. Great fullback. Only major lose was T Williams, who missed a lot of last year. Chee Kam could be very good replacement for Williams.

6. Souths. Top forward pack, especially Sam Burgess. Inglis is one of the best in the game. I don't like their halves though.

7. Canberra. I like the look of Sam Williams at halfback. I like the look of Papalii. If Dugan and Campese can stay fit they are looking very strong.

8. Newcastle. Bennett has bought more players than anyone I can ever remember. They do have a strong forward pack and will be hard to beat in any game.

9. Cronulla. They could finish a lot higher. I think that Lewis will be a great buy for them.

That is my clear top nine. All of those teams look very strong.

10 Brisbane. Scott Prince could make a massive difference and could even take them to the top 8.

11. Warriors. Unpredictable.

12. Wests. Unpredictable

13. Gold Coast. They do have strong forward pack. I like the look of Sezer.

14. Saints. Sh*t pair of halves, unless Drinkwater gets an early opportunity and proves to be special. Below average fullback. I think we need an additional 2 good tough forwards. I don't think opposition teams fear playing against us in any way. Our recruitment over the last 2 years is very poor.

15. Parra. Finished last, last year. Lost Hindmarsh and have not made any major aquisitions.

Penrith. They look very average across the field. They have probably lost their 3 best players and have bought very average.

Saints, Parra and Penrith do look very week and will struggle. 


And your a fan. Pfffft. I'd never call you one. You may have once been a big fan but it's time to take the jersey off and step aside and let us real ones yell and cheer.

Picking two teams and commenting only with "Unpredictable" over the team you, umm support is disgusting.

You've set a low bar and your only going to post anything negative to keep your ambitions of it. Your a leech, sucking anything worthy out of a thread.
Your bus has arrived Devout, destination. Who gives a chit.. 


I think we'll make the 6. I tend to agree with whoever it was said they didn't care about the rest. I don't dislike any team - like some I could mention ... ;) I never understand why you'd worry about other sides.

I reckon we are going to surprise and could do really well. We have a good side that could click and go on with it. Reminds me a lot of the 77/79 teams. We have the forwards and the backs. Its up to Steve to get them going now. 


my top bunch (in no particular order):


fringe (in no particular order):


the rest:





I guess I don't feel as optimistic as you. Imo, 2013 is the commencement of a rebuilding phase which hopefully will see the new, young side emerge perhaps in 2014/15 as a top 8 side. We have lost too much experience from 2010 team and replaced with inexperience but with huge potential. 


1st - Saints

2nd - Who cares

Soward - Dally M

Beale - Clive Churchill Medalist when we win the grand final.

Devout Saint - crying in the corner after we win



I have doubts on us this year but even my pessimism is not as bad as DS :lol: 


FTR: 6th to 8th. 


I can't bring myself to definitively say we will miss the 8 at this stage so I'm going to say 8th. 


Don't you worry ... :lol: 

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