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Stockwell: Staking My Claim

Tuesday 26 February 2013 8:00 AM

St George Illawarra Dragons prop Jack Stockwell says he's hoping the annual Charity Shield has pushed his case for a spot in the Red-and-White's front row for the 2013 Telstra Premiership NRL season.

The Picton junior came off the bench in the 28-10 loss to the South Sydney Rabbitohs at ANZ Stadium, Olympic Park on Friday, and believes the experience will be beneficial to both the team, and his personal development.
“The Charity Shield was a good hit-out, and it definitely helped with our match fitness,” said Stockwell.
“I got a chance to press my claims, and it was great to be out there with all the boys again.
“We didn’t start too well, but we talked about it at halftime and really dug deep and got into the arm wrestle in the second half.
“I think it showed when we came back and scored those two tries.
“Unfortunately they ran away with it, but that just shows we’ve got to work on a few things.
“I’ve really enjoyed the pre-season with the NRL squad.
“It’s been tough, but it’s going to be a tough season as well, so we’re all prepared mentally and physically because of it.
“Pricey and I have had a chat, and I’ve just got to focus on being consistent, doing the little things right and working on my game so I’m improving from week to week.
“I’m definitely hopeful of getting a spot in the team for round one, and holding it through the season.
“We all did our best out there in the trials, and Pricey will look at that when he makes his decision about who makes the side for round one.” 


I like Jack. I've picked him as a cheapie in my supercoach team :) 


We should nick name DeBelin and Stockwell the Jacks. lol 


What this team more Jack...Lol 


How about the Right & Left Bowers or the 2 bowers!! 


yeah !!!!!!!!!! 


[h=1]Drinkwater: Debut Is My Major Goal[/h]

Thursday 28 February 2013 9:00 AM

St George Illawarra Dragons halfback Josh Drinkwater says he is determined to continue working hard in order to fulfil his goal of a 2013 NRL debut.
The Terrigal junior moved a step closer to his goal when he lined up for the Red-and-Whites in both pre-season trial matches against the North Queensland Cowboys and South Sydney Rabbitohs.
The 20-year-old says the experience, combined with the mentoring he has received from Dragons halves Jamie Soward and Nathan Fien, has been invaluable to his development as a player.
“Both of the halves have really taken me under their wing over the pre-season,” said Drinkwater.
“Jamie Soward especially, he’s been terrific with me.
“He’s always helping me out and pulling me aside to explain things.
“I can’t thank both of them enough.
“At the moment, I’m just focused on my overall game.
“First-grade is a totally different game to the under 20s, and it’s really important that I keep my composure and work on the little things.
“I definitely want to debut; that’s my major goal for this season.
“Whether it happens early or late in the year doesn’t matter.
“I’ll just keep plugging away and making sure I’m ready to go if Pricey gives me the call-up.
“I’m prepared to play anywhere on the field to get that chance.
“I’ll play in the second-row if they want me to.” 


[h=1]Weyman: Glad To Be Back[/h]

Thursday 28 February 2013 5:00 AM

St George Illawarra Dragons prop Mick Weyman is delighted to have made his return to footy after 10 months out with an ACL injury.
Weyman ruptured his ACL in Round 10 of the season last year and returned to action for the first time in Friday night’s Charity Shield loss to the South Sydney Rabbitohs.
The Australia Representative was happy to make it through a physical game unscathed and was pleased with the second half effort the Dragons made in the game.
Weyman is now turning his attention to a place in the starting line-up for the Red V’s trip to Melbourne in Round One and understands the team will need to be playing their best footy to match the newly crowned World Club Champions.
“I’m really happy I came through feeling very good,” said Weyman.
“Ten months is a long time to not be playing footy and I had no expectations tonight, I just wanted to get through it and start to build my confidence back up.
“I tried not to be nervous but when I woke up this morning I couldn’t help it, I felt pretty good out there, not great, but I’m just really happy to have pulled through it.
“It was different starting the game on the bench that’s for sure but first game back from such a bad injury I was happy to sit there and do whatever Steve Price wanted me to do.
“I think from half time onwards we started to complete our sets and get back into that bit of an arm wrestle.
“Obviously it’s still only our last trial game so we’ve still got a couple of weeks until the season starts for real.
I’d love to get a starting spot in round one, I’m ready to go. I got through tonight so if the coach wants me there in a starting position then I’m all for it.
“You’ve got to be on your game when you play against Melbourne, they’re a very well drilled side and have been for a long time so you need to be playing your absolute best.
“The next two weeks are going to be good for us; we’ll tweak a few things and be ready and raring for Round One.”

Glad to have him back. 


[h=1]Saint Jamie Soward renews his faith amid the doubters[/h]
[*] by: Brent Read
[*] From: The Australian
[*] March 01, 2013 12:00AM

JAMIE Soward has given up soft drink, but not hope.
"I am getting married at the end of the year in a Catholic Church and it was something I needed to take seriously, and wanted to," the St George Illawarra five-eighth said.

"I wanted to dedicate myself fully to the Catholic side of things. I'm doing lent, where I have given up soft drink for 40 days. For me, I have a sweet tooth -- that's pretty hard.

"Going into a marriage is an important step for both of us and we needed to understand the ramifications if we both didn't fully commit.
"It's a side of me people don't know but will hopefully respect.
"I may act differently on the field but people may respect me off the field that I am a practising Catholic. And I do respect the religious beliefs that everyone has.

"At the end of the day, I believe in what I believe in. I am not here to change anyone or be anyone different.

"I am here to firstly win games for the Dragons and secondly be disciplined and believe in myself."
Soward talks with genuine enthusiasm about his religious beliefs and his impending marriage to fiancee Emma.

Last month, he had his first communion and took Peter as his patron saint, the name of his late father. "It was an emotional moment," he said.

"To me, I felt like I was taking a step forward in my life. I speak very passionately about it because it meant a lot to me."

In a week, he and his Dragons teammates will open their season against Melbourne at AAMI Park. That's where hope enters the equation.

Plenty of people are already writing off St George Illawarra's chances this season, yet Soward bristles at the suggestion that the Dragons will struggle.
"If you look at our club closely, we have recruited really well," Soward said.
"We have guys in positions that we maybe lacked in a little bit last year. I think the club is in a positive position.

"We have young guys coming from the (under) 20s and we have recruited young guys. Gerard Beale is going to be a superstar of the game.

"We're not really worried about what anyone else is saying. I have been one of those guys that's been hammered in the past. At the end of the day, I don't really care what anyone else is saying about the team or the club because I know my teammates, I love my teammates and I want to be beside my teammates."

Whether he is still there in 12 months is another question. Soward is off contract at the end of the year and his manager, Sam Ayoub, has fielded interest from overseas, including Japanese rugby union.

The Dragons have also expressed an interest in retaining Soward and he admits it would be difficult to leave.

"A couple of years ago, before I signed with the Dragons, the first time I think I found it a little bit hard and distracting," Soward said of contract talks.

"Hopefully we come to a decision quickly rather than later, but we will wait to see what happens. I am getting on. At the end of the day I am feeling great.

"You only have to ask the trainers. I'm training better than ever, my body is feeling better than ever. The body is fine. It's just a matter of coming to a decision and hopefully an agreement."
Soward, however, admits he is intrigued by the thought of playing overseas.

"I am an extreme competitor and I have learned through the tough guys like Brett Finch and Brad Fittler," he said.

"That's the competitive side of me. Japanese rugby appeals on that side -- that you want to win and prove you're a winner. I want to prove I am a winner.
"That's the appeal of challenging myself somewhere else. My fiancee is well aware of the situation and what is going on. She likes sushi.
"You have to think about your future. Do we weigh up having an extra year here or do we weigh up having a couple of years overseas."

One thing Soward made clear is that his decision will not be affected by who is the Dragons' next coach. The club is yet to commit to Steve Price beyond this season, despite missing out on the prized signature of Craig Bellamy.

"Steve Price is our coach and we're very happy with that," he said.

"We're moving forward.
"At the end of the day, we're all in it together." 


DS best man :kiss: 


Love it!

"I want to prove I am a winner." 


He wants to prove he is winner by going to Japanese Rugby? lol

So far there has not been any reports of other NRL clubs interested in Soward. It is my belief that no other NRL clubs are interested in Soward and that is why his manager is shopping him around to Japanese Rugby, French Rugby and the English Super League. Just remember the salary cap has just gone up by around 34% and will continue to rise by 400K a season over the next 4 years. So there is more money in the NRL than ever.

He wants to prove that he is a winner. I bet he doesn't play reps ever again. lol 


So you'll be happy if one of our players doesn't perform well enough to play rep footy? :rolls: 


I said that I bet he never plays reps ever again. He is not good enough to even play first grade for us no alone reps. He was extreamly lucky to play reps when he did. Do you think that he will play reps ever again? How about you Max, do you think that he will play reps ever again, or does anyone else think he will play reps ever again? 


Stop your bullshit. Answer the question. Will you be happy if one of our players does NOT play well enough to be picked for rep teams this year? 


I see us making the top 6 with JS in tip top form.

You read it here first ! 


I will be more than happy if all our players play well for the Dragons.
Being picked for rep footy is more political than based on actual form in the position they play in.
The number of players selected for "rep" footy out of the position they play in week after week can become a joke at times.
Blues origin selectors are known for it.
Personally I hope soward has a great season:popcorn: 


Who cares about who plays rep football? The less players that play, the better our chances will be. 


Soward just is not good enough to play reps.

I want us to get ride of Soward and then watching Saints will be a much more enjoyable experience.

We will probably be bottom 4 this year and Soward is the biggest reason our attack was the worst in the comp next year.

The only players I think are good enough to play reps this year in our side are B Morris, Nightingale, Merrin and possibly Rein and Weyman. I think DeBein is a future rep player and Coops is a past rep player.

I see you didn't answer the question, do you think Soward will play reps ever again? lol 


He's found god, that does strange things to people, some of them find inspiration. Here's hoping eh. 


Devout indeed. 


Like UFO's and conspiracy theories. 


I could say the same about your posts. They are a false representation of reality and offend me. 


No I didn't answer your question because you didn't answer mine. You don't get to ask me a question as a response to being asked a question and then ark up about me not answering yours. I guess I shouldn't hold my breath waiting for you to pull your head out of your arse long enough to figure that one out :rolls: 


[h=1]Harrison hails Dragons "the different scene" he needed[/h] [h=2]By ADAM PENGILLY[/h]March 1, 2013, 4:04 a.m.

[*] Bronson Harrison is uncertain of his role in the Dragons. Picture: ORLANDO CHIODO

Forget being one of the Dragons' major off-season signings - Bronson Harrison is just worried about whether he fits into Steve Price's plans for round one.

The fit-again New Zealand international has hailed a move to St George Illawarra as the "different scene he needed", but is none the wiser of his involvement in a season-opening stoush with world champions Melbourne.
"I suppose first of all I would like to be in the side and then I'll work from there," the ex-Raider said.
"It's been a while since I've been back playing at the top level so I want to get that under my belt first and go from there.
"I've probably only been back the last three or four weeks in full training. It's good to get that under my belt and put all the injury worries behind me."
The fact the 27-year-old remains none the wiser about collecting a boarding pass en route to AAMI Park signals the depth in the Dragons' back row ranks.
Harrison appears locked in a showdown with fellow recruit Tyson Frizell (Cronulla) for the remaining starting second row spot alongside skipper Ben Creagh.
But it also hints at Price keeping his players on edge ahead of a campaign where all and sundry have panned their finals chances before a ball has been kicked.
Hampered by a back injury which restricted him to just 10 games in the final of a four-year tenure in the nation's capital, Harrison said the squad still felt they could make an impact on the finals picture.
"It doesn't matter what everyone else thinks - it matters what we think," he said. "We think that we're good enough to be there so we'll put our case forward.
"To be honest the intensity has been there the whole time [during pre-season]. We've put in a good off-season - it's just a matter of gelling together and putting it all together for round one."

Harrison also urged the man largely responsible for his exit from the Raiders, fellow New Zealand-born back-rower Josh Papalii, to concentrate on his football as the tug-of-war over his services continues.
The emergence of Papalii, whose signature Parramatta trumpeted last week before the Raiders launched an 11th-hour bid to keep him at the club, had Harrison sliding down David Furner's pecking order.
"I think he's got the support of everyone around him and that's probably the main thing," Harrison said. "He just wants to concentrate on his footy." 

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