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“March With Us” As A Red V Member In 2013



Wednesday 24 October 2012 9:00am

The 2013 Red V Membership program offers existing and potential members even more value, through improved benefits and several exciting new initiatives, all supported by the introduction of a fixed schedule for the NRL competition.

Becoming a Red V Member has never been easier or more affordable with the introduction of a Rolling Red V Payment Plan, offering the opportunity for Red V Members to spread membership payments over twelve equal monthly instalments.
It's so easy to join and Red V Members can enjoy the flexibility of monthly direct debit payments and be paying less than $13 a month as an Adult to guarantee a ticket for all twelve home games next season.
A new Red V Member Loyalty Program will also be introduced in 2013, which will highlight the dedication, and commitment of Red V Members by recognising continuous years of involvement in the Red V Membership program.
Members will receive a “special edition” gift recognising key membership milestones and achievements.
Non-ticketed Membership options for 2013 include the True “Believer” NSW and Interstate packages, along with great value “Kids Club” packages.
And in a “game-wide first”, Red V Members will have the opportunity to direct where their investments are allocated in support the team in 2013.
Red V Members will have the opportunity to vote and decide where membership funds can be allocated to support the aspirations of the playing squad.
"We have responded to feedback provided by Red V Members and introduced a number of new initiatives that will enhance the value of Red V Membership packages and provide an even more compelling reason for Dragons fans to connect with the Club by becoming a Red V Member,” said Dragons CEO Peter Doust.
"Over the next month the NRL will release its first ever fixed schedule draw and this will provide the perfect platform to enable members to plan their support of the Dragons well in advance.
“We have held and in some cases even reduced prices for the twelve game package and I would encourage all Dragons fans to join the ‘march’ in 2013 by securing a place at all home games.”
In announcing home game allocations for the 2013 season, Doust revealed that the Dragons had declined the opportunity to play a number of home games at larger venues next season.
“Due to the upgrades to both WIN Jubilee Oval and WIN Stadium over the past three years, the Dragons have not been able to deliver a balanced season across the two venues and we are committed to making this happen in 2013,” said Doust.
“However, it is important that our stakeholders understand that our decision to decline the financial offers to play particular marquee home games at a bigger venue under the ARLC’s ‘Right Game Right Venue’ strategy has a commercial impact which we are looking forward to being exceeded by the support of our Red V Membership program in 2013.
“By renewing your Red V Membership, upgrading to a 12 game “All In” package or joining the Red V program for the first time Dragons Red V Members and supporters can make a real difference and directly contribute to the growth and development of the Club.”
The Red V Membership program is one of the longest running programs in the NRL, having commenced in 2002.
The Dragons enjoyed the support of over 19,000 members in 2012 and we look forward to your support in 2013.
To renew your Red V Membership for 2013, find out which package suits your needs or just take a look at what's on offer, please click here .
Existing Ticketed Members have until Friday, November 30 to renew in order to retain their existing seating allocation, while all members that join by this date will also receive an invitation to an exclusive members only Christmas event.
The 2013 Red V Membership packages are now available. March with us today!!
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wow this is interesting


I still reckon we should introduce a "selling" plan where we can sell our season tickets if we can't make a game. The Club could set it up - take 10% - and we wouldn't have seats empty.

They do it in the USA - and it works well. 


[h=1]First 1000 Members March With Us![/h]

Friday 26 October 2012 3:00 PM

Since the launch of the Dragons' 2013 membership on Wednesday, more than 1000 Red V Members have signed up to March With Us next season.
All 2013 Red V Members will get the opportunity to be part of the first ever "Members Decide" initiative, where the Dragons will invite Members to vote on what equipment, renovations, projects and programs they would like to provide for the St George Illawarra football team in 2013.
This week's Members also include the first ever official members of the "Red V Army". Red V Army Members will receive their own Red V Army scarves for the 2013 season, as well as a quarterly newsletter, coordinated ticketing areas at away games, as well as access to the exclusive Carlton United Breweries clubhouses to watch Dragons games.
Will you March With Us in 2013? Will you March With Us in 2013? Renew your Membership or join as a Red V Member before November 30 to make sure you retain your seats and for access to our exclusive Members' Christmas party in December! 


My money is going towards the "Get JT" Campaign ... :) 


[h=3] Jorge Taufua :O[/h] 


Sounds good.

A seat filler like the academy awards have. 


MLB do it - they have 160 odd games so you can't attend all home games. They cut across the week - day and night.

It would not be hard. Just set up an Ebay type thing - you join it and place in the games known details of your seat - eg Game 15 21 June - Wollongong - aisle seats , 3 top seats etc - then use paypal to buy and sell. Club(s) would take 10- 15%. Could be run by the NRL - and include all NRL Clubs - or other sports too. Once sold - no return etc. AND - maybe not bidding - ie stop scalpers. Set price. 


Great ideas SJ and great idea in general. Make it so NRL 


Mmmm, I started a thread in the General NRL area - maybe Singo or the NRL might pick up on it ? I reckon its a WIN/WIN - no pun intended ... :) 


[h=1]2000 Red V Members March With Us![/h]

Friday 2 November 2012 10:00 AM

The St George Illawarra Dragons have welcomed the 2000th Red V Member for 2013 overnight as the Dragons prepare to return to training on Monday.

Reaching the 2000-Member milestone in the first week puts the 2013 tally ahead of the 2012 tally at the same point, as Red V Members show their support for the coming season and sign up to March With Us.
Red V Members have also taken up the new option to be part of the "Red V Army" in coordinated away-game bays, with special Red V Army merchandise, and the chance to watch away games in special Carlton Clubhouses. 


[h=1]Dragons Welcome 3,000th Member[/h]

Friday 9 November 2012 12:00 PM

St George Illawarra Dragons fan Corinne Wiley has signed up for her 12th consecutive year as a Red V Member, making her the 3,000th Red V Member to March With Us 2013!
Corinne joined as a member in 2002 in the first ever year of the Red V Membership program, and she'll be joining us again this season at the Dragons' home game fixtures in Kogarah.
Remember that all Members who sign up to March With Us in 2013 have the opportunity to sign up for our rolling payment plans, or to add on the Red V Army option and access away game seating and transport, or watch away games in designated Carlton clubhouses. Have you signed up as a Red V Member for 2013? We'd love to have you March With Us! 


Help Me Choose: Platinum Membership

Monday 12 November 2012 4:30 PM

St George Illawarra Dragons are calling on all fans to “March With Us” in 2013, but are you still unsure which package to choose? Each week, we will guide your options: this week, it's Platinum Membership! Platinum Membership is the premium Red V Membership package , designed to give ultimate Dragons fans a truly special experience and ‘inner sanctum’ access to their team.
This Membership guarantees an undercover Gold reserved seat and exclusive parking privileges at all 12 home games during the 2013 season.
All levels of Red V Membership deliver you a range of exclusive Member benefits while allowing you to show your support, access the players, follow your passion and connect with your team.
In addition, your investment will be directly contributing to the future success of our great Club with an exclusive opportunity for Red V members to decide how your money supports the Dragons team in 2013. For a full list of Red V Benefits, .
Platinum Membership is the only tier of Red V Membership which includes “access all areas” activities, such a post-match dressing shed visit and priority access to player autographs at Red V Member Signing Days, as well as an extended merchandise pack with an Official Dragons Polo Shirt, a hard copy of both Season Preview and Annual Year in Review magazine (RRP $10), a special McGuigan Wine Pack (over 18s only) and a Personalised signed and a framed photograph of a Dragons Player of your choice.
Plus all Platinum Members will receive a complimentary ticket to either the Corporate Club hospitality area in Wollongong or Club Jubilee in Kogarah at a nominated home game during the 2013 season.
In addition, anyone who signs up to the Platinum Membership will receive a massive 25% discount on merchandise purchased through the all new Dragons Teamstore.
With the all new Rolling Red V Payment Plan , Platinum Membership is now more affordable than ever with prices starting from $115.88 per month. Click here to buy now or call us today on 1300 DRAGONS 


A box woulod be nice ... :) 


4000 Members March With Us

Friday 16 November 2012 1:00 PM

With two weeks until the November 30 renewal cut-off date, more than 4,000 of the St George Illawarra Dragons faithful have already signed up as Red V Members to March With Us in 2013.

All ticketed Red V Members who renew before November 30 can be certain of keeping their existing seats if they wish to, while every single Member who signs up to March With Us before the cut-off date will secure their invitation to the 2012 Red V Member Christmas party.

Christmas in the Park is an annual Dragons tradition, where Members can mingle with their favourite players and coaching staff, take advantage of food stalls, activities and merchandise, grab photographs and autographs, and even meet Santa.
This year, Christmas in the Park will take place on Saturday, December 15, but remember only Members who renew by the end of November will receive the full invitation and access to this great day out!
Be sure to lock in your Red V Membership before November 30 and March With Us in 2013! 


5000 Red V Members March With Us

Thursday 22 November 2012 2:00 PM

St George Illawarra Dragons are pleased to announce that Michael Hannan today became the 5000th Red V Member to March With Us in 2013.

Michael initially became a Red V Member in 2003, making 2013 his 11th consecutive year of Membership.
“I’m really looking forward to the 2013 season," Michael said.
"I think it’s great that Ben Creagh is going to be leading the Dragons."
"I've been a Dragons fan since 5 years old. I find that the Membership packages are always great value and I have kept all of the exclusive Red V merchandise that we get every year.”
St George Illawarra Dragons would like to take this opportunity to remind all ticketed Red V Members to renew before November 30 so they can be certain of keeping their existing seats if they wish to.
In addition, every single Member who signs up to March With Us before this cut-off date will secure their invitation to the 2012 Red V Member Christmas party.
Want to know more about 2013 Red V Memberships? Click to find out how you can March With Us in 2013


First thing I noticed was the Charity Shield..:heart: 


Got mine.

Looking forward to the Canberra game in Round 3. Not sure about late start though. 


10,000 Members March With Us

Friday 30 November 2012 10:00 AM

More than 10,000 St George Illawarra Dragons supporters have already signed and renewed as Red V Members for 2013, just before the renewal cut off date of November 30.
Every Red V Member has until the end of Friday November 30 to renew their 2012 Membership and make sure that they retain their seats at Win Jubilee Oval, Kogarah, and WIN Stadium Wollongong, even if they request a change or upgrade.
The Red V Membership team will process all requests for changes, extra seats and upgrades BEFORE giving away existing seats, so be sure to renew by the November cut-off date. Want to plan your membership for 2013? Listen to Fiensy talk you through the Dragons home games for the coming season!
All Members who sign up to March With Us before the renewal cut-off date also secure an invitation to the exclusive Members only Christmas in the Park on December 15.
It's traditionally one of our Members' favourite events of the year, where Members can mingle with the entire first-grade squad and get to know the team before the season begins.
With the 2013 NRL Draw already released, Members can now look at the full first 20 rounds of the 2013 season complete with dates, times and venues, and plan their footy fix for the next year.
MARCH WITH US: To make sure you don't miss any of the 2013 season, why not grab an All-In Membership and catch every single home game! 


Around 12k now - all the last minute season tix holders. 


13,000 Members March With Us!

Friday 14 December 2012 10:30 AM

More than 13,000 St George Illawarra Dragons supporters have already signed and renewed as Red V Members for 2013, with time still left to buy Memberships before Christmas.
The 13,000 plus Member tally is a step up from twelve months ago, when the counter sat at 12,100 Members on Christmas Day, and the Red V Team has been overwhelmed by the pre-Christmas sign ups for 2013.
Dragons players have also been keeping an eye on the Membership tally in the Try Time Lounge at training, and will meet some of the 2013 Members face to face at Red V Christmas in the Park on Saturday.
Red V Membership offers a Christmas Gift that keeps on giving for a whole NRL season.
If purchased before 3pm, Friday 14th December, ‘True Believers’, ‘Interstate True Believers’, ‘Scorch’ and ‘Flames’ Members are guaranteed to receive their Benefit Packs through the mail before Christmas;
‘All-In’ and ‘Set of Six’ Members are guaranteed to receive collection vouchers for Benefit Packs if purchased by the same date.
Plus Memberships can be purchased for a gift at any point online! On the email receipt that is sent to you upon purchase, you can download an Official 2013 Gift Certificate meaning Red V Membership is available for even the most last minute of Christmas shoppers.
For all the information on buying a Red V Membership for a gift this Christmas, check out our Red V Gift Guide 


Nice tatt. 


14,000 Members March With Us!

Monday 24 December 2012 11:00 AM

Red V Members have given St George Illawarra Dragons the greatest Christmas present with over 14,000 Members signing up for 2013 Membership.

At the same point in 2012, only 12,100 members had signed up meaning numbers are up a staggering 15%!
As 2013 approaches, the Red V Team will begin preparing for the Members’ Season Launch and to celebrate the commitment of all our Red V Members it will be open to ever Member who signs up to March With Us in 2013.
Whilst the Red V Offices will be closed over the Christmas Break, Membership can still be purchased online to enable attendance to this fantastic event (date TBC). For all the details on Red V Membership or to buy today, simply click through
Thank you to all our Red V Members, and Merry Christmas! 


[h=1]18000 Members March With Us[/h]

Monday 11 March 2013 9:34 PM

With four days to go until our first home game against the Broncos at WIN Stadium, the St George Illawarra Dragons have passed through a significant membership milestone with over 18,000 Red V Members now signed up to "March With Us" in 2013.
The Dragons are targeting 20,000 Members in 2013 so now is the time to show your support, by becoming a part of our team today and joining the march as a Red V Member
It doesn’t matter where you live - Kogarah, Wollongong, Sydney, NSW, Interstate or Overseas - if you have a passion for the red and white then we have a package to suit your needs.
You will receive access to range of exclusive member benefits, while Red V Membership has never been more affordable with flexible monthly payment plans available.
And your investment as a Red V Member goes directly to supporting our playing squad and on field success, with Members able to vote for where your funds are invested. Join the March” in 2013 and become a Red V Member today!
By joining, you could also win the Ultimate Member Experience! One lucky Red V Member will win the opportunity to run the water to the team at the ‘Captain's Run’ training session prior to a home game, join the team for a BBQ lunch afterwards and then lead the team out onto the field at the game.
All renewed and new Red V Members will be automatically entered into the draw. MARCH WITH US IN 2013: We need you to become a part of our team. Find out about the benefits of becoming a Red V Member and sign up to March With Us this season! 


We could still make 20k. Be great if they all came to the games. 


Wish I could. I'll have to wait until they come to me on the Gold Coast. :( 


Brisbane is close by kit ... :) They always have a function etc there. 

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