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selection headaches for round 1



Sorry Doyen. Have to disagree when you say Keary is an excellent goal kicker. He wouldve been kicking in 20s if he was. 


I don't think he needs to play for the Bears, just remember he is coming from the English Super League with almost 50 games 1st grade games under his belt, the ESL standard of football is much higher then the NSW Cup. 


Your coach seems to think otherwise, unless of course he was disciplined as was Merritt 


Def think Round 1 will have the usual suspects in top 13.

Personally I'd change up interchange and have a utility back over Peats. Luke can handle the full 80. I'd rotate Peats back in when there's a heavy hit out or on a short turn around week where luke needs the rest to keep him fresh for the season. 


I think McQueen could be the answer, he can play centre, wing, fullback plus in the forwards. 


Madge will probably stick with the same old crew from last year.
I'm hoping he revamps things a bit!!

I'd like to see----
Teo ??[Lowe]

My choice ,but I am aware it won't happen.
I feel "stuck" with players like Roy,Crock & King etc.
Teo may be lucky to make it at all---Lowe may be better!! 


Agree McQueen is a solid choice. When Reyno went down last year first call to Ello was Farrell to halves. But then thought otherwise coz no confidence with Peats in Centres for high pressure game.

Theyd only play McQueen in Centers as last option. But he's the better choice as an overall player with size, speed and flexibility over Peats. 


Do something wrong and and you could lose spot for good, with all our talent we have,

South Sydney Rabbitohs coach Michael Maguire puts entire team on notice
James Phelps
The Sunday Telegraph
February 24, 2013 12:00AM

South Sydney Rabbitohs coach Michael Maguire during a training session. Picture: Mark Metcalfe
SOUTH Sydney players have admitted Michael Maguire has put the entire team on notice and anyone - from Greg Inglis to Sam Burgess down - will be punished if they step out of line.

Club favourite Nathan Merritt was the latest player to pay, with the star winger stood down from Friday's Charity Shield win against St George Illawarra for sleeping in.

Chris McQueen yesterday said Maguire and the club's leadership group would punish any off-field indiscretion, with no player safe.

"That is one thing where Madge (Maguire) is really strict," McQueen said.

"We have set very high standards for the club and any little hiccup, if anyone slips up, they are going to face the consequences. If you are an ill-disciplined team, it is going to show on the field and you won't win games."

Maguire, a strict task master, installed a hard-nosed disciplinary policy when he began his reign at South Sydney last year.


It was formulated by both the former Wigan coach and the club's leadership group.

"The leadership group play an important role when it comes to discipline," Maguire said. "They are the guys that support it and ensure we are meeting our goals."

New signing Ben Te'o was stood down from the club's second trial match, with the star recruit getting an early taste of the strict regime when he was banished to play for North Sydney.

"We know exactly where we stand when it comes to discipline," bench forward Jason Clark said.

"It is a big thing in this team and it covers everybody in the club.

"We try to improve every week. It is along the lines (of zero tolerance).

"I don't think anything that has happened this year is a major hiccup or anything - but something minor."'

Maguire's tough love has helped transform the perennial battlers into a premiership force. Their commanding 28-10 win over the Dragons was confirmation that the team will again be a finals force in 2013.

The Rabbitohs will launch the season against the Roosters on March 7.

McQueen said the strict standards, both on and off the field, had helped the Rabbitohs become a successful side.

"I think it does help on the field," Clark said.

"If we stuff up outside of football, we pay for it. It is the same thing on the field.

"It is very similar both on and off the field and it helps keep us all in line."

New recruits Te'o, Bryson Goodwin and the returning Beau Champion all impressed in the first serious hit-out of the year, leaving Maguire with a pleasant selection headache.

"There is plenty of competition for spots," winger Andrew Everingham said.

"We have lots of depth and that will be a good thing for the team this year."

The Rabbitohs escaped unscathed from their trial match, with halfback Adam Reynolds yesterday given the all clear after sustaining a knock to his hand. Champion received 18 stitches to his head following a clash with Ben Creagh.

The Dragons did not fare as well, with Mitch Rein (concussion), Jason Nightingale (sciatica) and Matt Cooper (calf) injured during the loss.

The full extent of the injuries will not be known until later this week. 


And he wouldn't let anyone down. 


He is a very good kicker-----I think he kicked 6 goals in a game for the Bears!!
In the semi against Newtown he scored a try,set up 3 & kicked the 6 goals.It was only a struck match between him & Koroisau in the 20's. 


Good news 


Good to see so much competition for spots for rd 1 always the sign of a strong club.I think the back line is pretty much settled with maybe Goodwin/Everingham fighting it out for the wing.
The fowards on the other hand is still a bit of a lottery with so many players putting there hand up with strong games Friday night.If it was up to me the pack and the bench would look like this.

No Peats for me going off Friday nights game his running game is too slow and some of his decisions in attack were poor.Worst case scenario Croker has previously filled in at hooker and done a good job. 


1 Inglis
2 Merritt
3 Champion
4 Farrell
5 Goodwin sould be there but prob Everingham
6 Sutton
7 Reyolds
8 Burgess
9 Luke
10 Asotasi
11 Teo
12 Lowe
13 Crocker

14 Lima
15 Peats
16 McQueen
17 Burgess

the team should look like this. 


Maguire was happy with Te'o performance on Friday night, he was also very happy with Tyrell performance so he might get
a spot in the line up for round one. 


George Burgess set to line up with older brother Sam for Souths.

SAM Burgess has been terrorising the NRL for three years and younger brother George could be lining up alongside him in round one after an impressive display against St George Illawarra.

The 20-year-old played three first-grade games at the end of last season and was given an extended run off the bench against the Dragons, where he impressed with his hard-running in Souths' 28-10 win at ANZ Stadium.

His presence won't be forgotten in a hurry by Dragons hookers Mitch Rein and Cameron King, who both came off second best in collisions with the 118kg Yorkshireman.

Rein went off with a shoulder injury sustained when he got in the wrong position when trying to tackle Burgess.

Minutes later, King was stretchered off with concussion after he was knocked out by Burgess' upper arm when diving low for a try out of dummy-half.

The Dragons and the officials had no complaints with the challenge and Burgess' performance could put him in the frame for a place in the 17-man squad to face the Sydney Roosters on March 7.

Sam said he was pleased with his younger sibling's progress, but warned he had a long way to go.

"He's a big fella and has got a lot to work on his game, but the good thing is he knows that and is willing to do it," Burgess said.

"He has the potential, but he is still a very young kid and I am looking forward to seeing him progress. He's stayed around the same weight, but he has leaned up which is really going to help him."

Souths coach Michael Maguire was giving nothing away when asked about the young bookend's display but admitted it gives him plenty of selection headaches going into the new season.

"He went well and I was happy with him, as I was with a lot of players," Maguire said.

"I have a lot of decisions to make, but they are the sort you want to have as a coach."

George's identical twin brother, Thomas, became the fourth member of the Burgess clan to link up with Souths in the off-season and mother Julie has also made the move. 


Anybody know why Tom Burgess didn't get a run in the charity shield? I think if Lima still isn't ready for Round 1, Tom might take his bench spot. 


I think let's agree to disagree with Kearys goal kicking. I honestly think both him & API are really average goal kickers.

Don't get me started on Semis last year!

Both Keary & API were available for 20s & Norths and they didn't steer either teams to victory! Only person missing was Walker. Crucial impact play maker away. 


Well it wasn't due to form. 


How did norths go?? When is Lima due Back? 


Lost 10-12 but not sure how the players went.

Apparently Lima is back for Round 1. 


Luke used to be a very handy g/kicker----Merritt too!!
Reynold's thumb is OK! 


Just glad Souths have the best goal kicker in the game. Anyone can go rusty if it isn't a focus of their game. 


Has Lima played at all yet?? 


Wouldn't it be bad coaching to have your second string kicker go rusty?Both Luke & Merritt should be having some practice. 


Tom will come in at some time-----if he's got anything going for him he should overtake Roy!!He's big,young,hopefully enthusiastic & has good senior experience!
Roy's experience will keep him afloat as long as Sths perform but he will have to be playing well too. 

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