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South Sydney superstar Greg Inglis is bigger, fitter and faster



Greg Inglis performs a fitness drill during a South Sydney Rabbitohs NRL training session this week. Source: Getty Images

SOME thought it impossible but Greg Inglis is somehow bigger, fitter and faster.

The Rabbitohs superstar has reached 109kg - 33kg heavier than the club's Immortal fullback Clive Churchill and 5kg more than Inglis weighed last year. But he is all muscle, and has maintained his speed and agility.

South Sydney will unleash the new improved version in tonight's annual Charity Shield match against St George Illawarra at ANZ Stadium.

And after an off-season under coach Michael Maguire that Inglis described as "torturous", the fullback is ready to lift his game to another level."I look good, don't I?" Inglis joked. "No, but seriously, I do feel good.

"Madge (Maguire) is constantly challenging us as players and as a team. He wants us to better ourselves and the boys have all embraced the hard-working culture he has brought to South Sydney.

"I know I have a lot of improvement left in me, especially in the No.1 jumper."

Laurie Daley, who coached Inglis in the Indigenous All-Stars side and will have to work out a way to stop him in Origin, said: "He will set the standard this season.

"Greg is in great shape. Physically, he is big, fit, strong and fast. I cannot recall seeing him in better condition. He could be someone who leads Souths to a competition."

Rabbitohs players warm up during a South Sydney training session earlier this week.

South Sydney skipper Michael Crocker is staggered at the fitness levels of Inglis.

"Have you seen him? He is looking amazing," Crocker said. "He will just get better and better.

"Last year was his first run at fullback for many years and he's still learning the position and still getting all his timing right and his positional play.

"The more he plays, the better he's going to get."

Local junior Beau Champion, who has returned to the club after short stints with Melbourne and Gold Coast, believes Inglis is primed for a huge season.

"GI has always been one of the best players in the competition and it's going to be an asset to play in the same team as him," Champion said.

Souths' high-performance manager Troy Thompson said the new-look Inglis is a "scary thought".

"Physically and fitness-wise, I haven't seen him look better," Thompson said.

"He has great skin folds and is really lean.

"He has had a full off-season and got in plenty of weights and running. He hasn't lost any of his agility or speed.

"He has really matured into his body.

"I am really happy where Greg is physically."

NRL junior card holders will have free access to tonight's Charity Shield.



Thats what we want to hear.
I watched a re run of the 2006 grandfinal storm vs broncos and inglis has come a long way . He looked tiny back then 


surely he is the games number 1 player, fingers crossed for you bunnies fans he has an injury free season. 


Thank you for a wonderful unbias opinion. Its taken me a while to admit it but Barba is pretty skilled. I'm just glad that not everyone thinks he's above G.I and Slater! 


Barba and GI are at different stages of their career, and are different type of players, Can't really compare the two. It isn't really fair

I have always thought GI should play fullback, good to see he is finally in that position. I am also a fan of Nathan Merritt in that position, hugely underrated player

I have always been a fan of GIs, it took him a while to settle at the Bunnies which is only natural considering the circumstances of why he left the Storm. But he has got it together now and working well with coach Maguire and the team.

Good luck this season, hope you enjoy it :) 


Well said. Wish you guys the best too. Dont think you'll need it however.
Barba got off to a bit of a slow start but he's really hitting his straps now. 


Can't wait to see him in full flight.......... bashin those Blues 


Thankfully Mal will waste him out in the centres once again. 


Yes it's a shame we only have Billy Slater instead 


Barba has always had a load of talent, holding him of to play 1st grade was the best thing for him, his size and defense was a worry, 


My bad that post was actually me... on my dads acc.
I just remember him being a bit of a no show in 2010 esp at 5/8.
I met him, Idris and Yileen Gordon. He wasn't very friendly. Idris was a champ though. 

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