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NRL Top 10 Rookies



I love how predictable the NRL/NSWRL/QRL are with their selections....NOT!

I prefer to support the unassuming rookies not surrounded by HYPE and smirk at the selectors and muppet media when their predictions are epic fails...

Souths shielding of Reyno last season was a classic example.. Plus we've got more weapons emerging..

Fox preason report that Souths had very little depth in 2013 Season preview, made them do a 360 when they finally brought their cameras to film NRL SUMMERTIME! CS showed the nation how deep we are...

Josh Drinkwater? We have Luke Keary
Anthony Milford? Dylan Walker is his equal
Evander Cummins? Ty Phillips

Then we've got Alex Johnston an amazing winger in the making...

But what I really don't understand George & Tom? They run & tackle like seasoned men...pffft with this stupid waste of space article! 

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