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30th Charity Shield



Words: Rabbitohs Media Release I Photo:
Wednesday 23 January 2013 1:31 PM

The South Sydney Rabbitohs and St George Illawarra Dragons will play Friday Night Footy in the 30th Charity Shield, with the match launched at ANZ Stadium today, with both Clubs providing focus to the good work conducted by Souths Cares and the St George Foundation.
The 30th Charity Shield will be played on Friday 22 February at 7:30pm at ANZ Stadium, with the Rabbitohs hoping to the win the trophy for the first time in three years in their final pre-season game before playing in the season opener against the Sydney Roosters on Thursday 7 March.
South Sydney Head Coach Michael Maguire and Rabbitohs’ Australian and Queensland representative players, Greg Inglis and Ben Te’o, were joined by St George Illawarra’s Head Coach Steve Price, Dragons captain Ben Creagh and player Gerard Beale to launch the event, following tickets going on sale to the general public yesterday.
The Rabbitohs will again be supporting Souths Cares with proceeds and awareness from the game, with the Dragons directing their support once again to the St George Foundation.
Souths Cares was represented at today’s press conference by new Souths Cares General Manager and former Rabbitohs player Shannon Donato, plus participants from Souths Cares' School to Work Transition Program.
Rabbitohs Head Coach Michael Maguire says he will get the final look at his squad in the Charity Shield before the Club’s first competition match against the Roosters 13 days later.
“This will be my second Charity Shield and I really enjoyed the experience and atmosphere last year,” Coach Maguire said.
“We only get a limited number of opportunities to see the boys perform together as a group in the pre-season, which is why a game of the intensity of the Charity Shield is important to us.
“We also know how important it is to our Members and also the people and programs we support through Souths Cares.
“This game is a wonderful concept which is demonstrated by the fact we are playing the 30th Charity Shield in a few weeks time. 30 years is a long time in Rugby League and the Charity Shield has stood the test of time.”
Greg Inglis says he is keen to get back onto the turf at ANZ Stadium for this traditional pre-season match.
“We’ve had a tough pre-season and we’re all looking forward to getting out on the field and putting the final touches to our pre-season preparations,” Inglis said.
“We’ve all been working very hard since November to get into shape, to get our game up to the standards we have set for ourselves, and this game at ANZ Stadium is the chance for us to put it on the field and give the Members an indication of how we’ll start the season.
“Even more importantly, we get the chance to help support Souths Cares, who do some excellent work around the South Sydney and Coffs Harbour areas.
“The players love getting involved with the groups Souths Cares is involved with, and to be able to help raise much needed funds and awareness is what this game is really all about.”
2013 recruit Ben Te’o says he’s very keen to play in his first Charity Shield.
“It’s always good to play in big games and I’m told this is one of the biggest games of the year, despite it being in pre-season,” Te’o said.
“Any of the Members and fans I’ve met since coming to Souths have said how much they enjoy the Charity Shield, and I’m told the intensity is up there with an NRL match.
“They’re the types of games you want to play in and I’m looking forward to playing on my new home ground for the first time with the rabbit on my chest.”
Tickets for the 2013 Charity Shield are on sale to Members and the general public from Ticketek.
To purchase tickets from Ticketek you can do so online by clicking here, on the phone by calling 132 849, or by visiting any Ticketek agency.
Rabbitohs Ticketed Members gain entry to this game as part of their Ticketed Membership.
Ticket prices are as follows:
Category 1 Reserved:
Adult – pre-purchase price $40; event day price $50
Concession or Student – pre-purchase price $25; event day price $35
Junior (4-16 years) – pre-purchase price $20; event day price $30
Family (2 adults + 2 juniors OR 1 adult + 3 juniors) – pre-purchase price $80; event day price $100
Category 2 General Admission:
Adult – pre-purchase price $25; event day price $35
Concession or Student – pre-purchase price $15; event day price $25
Junior (4-16 years) – pre-purchase price $10; event day price $15
Family (2 adults + 2 juniors OR 1 adult + 3 juniors) – pre-purchase price $50; event day price $70
Rabbitohs Ticketed Members get FREE ENTRY!

2013 Charity Shield Fact Sheet
Souths Cares’ focus is on delivering programs that encourage youth to achieve their goals with a focus on education, training and employment in the South Sydney and Coffs Harbour regions.
Our programs include:
Teachers’ Aide Program
The Teachers’ Aide program involves all members of the NRL squad spending a lesson in one of four local primary schools on a rolling weekly roster. Whether it is a literacy, numeracy or PE lesson, the players are on hand to support the classroom teacher and encourage the students to be fully engaged in the lesson content. The program is now in its sixth year of operation.
Healthy and Active Lifestyles Program
Based out of the Souths Cares classroom located in the Sydney Corporate Park in Alexandria, this program combines the NRL initiative ‘Eat Well, Play Well, Stay Well’ along with our partnership with Life Education. Students participate in a range of activities focused on the importance of living a healthy and active lifestyle. Programs cover healthy lifestyles, nutrition, safe use of medicines, body knowledge, communication skills, and smoking and alcohol education.
The School to Work Transition Program
Souths Cares’ School to Work Transition Program is focused on Year 10, 11 and 12 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island students. The program aims to mentor students and help them to identify and develop their own education and employment pathways whilst providing them with relevant support. Souths Cares is fortunate to have relationships with a number of corporate partners and community groups who assist with opportunities and support for students. This program is supported by the Australian Government through the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR).
To learn more about Souths Cares, please click here.
Souths Cares Bunny Buddy Program
The South Sydney Rabbitohs Junior ‘Bunny Buddy’ Program is designed to provide donated Red and Green Junior Ticketed Memberships to kids in the Club’s communities who are involved with Souths Cares’ Programs.
This gives many Junior Rabbitohs supporters in the Club’s community the chance to attend Rabbitohs home games, visit the Rabbitohs KidZone, enjoy a Rabbitohs Junior Membership and be part of the Rabbitohs family.
In 2012, 300 ‘Bunny Buddy’ packs were purchased by Rabbitohs Members and distributed by Souths Cares to children in the South Sydney district and other regional centres where Souths Cares actively work within the community.
The ‘Bunny Buddy’ program allows Souths Cares to further engage with the youth of the community and encourage a lifelong relationship with the South Sydney Rabbitohs family.
For just $60, Rabbitohs Members can support this fantastic program by buying and donating Junior Memberships to Souths Cares.
Match Records:
Played 29, Dragons 16, Rabbitohs 9, Drawn 4.
1982 Dragons 9-7
1983 Dragons 28-10
1984 Rabbitohs 24-6
1985 Dragons 10-8
1986 Dragons 12-0
1987 Dragons 28-14
1988 Rabbitohs 30-6
1989 Rabbitohs 20-16
1990 Draw 10-10 (Rabbitohs retain)
1991 Draw 16-16 (Rabbitohs retain)
1992 Rabbitohs 21-20
1993 Dragons 10-8
1994 Dragons 14-11
1995 Dragons 18-10
1996 Dragons 30-6
1997 Dragons 26-18
1998 Dragons 14-4
1999 Rabbitohs 16-14
2002 Draw 20-20 (Rabbitohs retain)
2003 Dragons 28-10
2004 Dragons 34-8
2005 Rabbitohs 30-6
2006 Rabbitohs 14-12
2007 Dragons 16-14
2008 Rabbitohs 24-20
2009 Rabbitohs 18-6
2010 Draw 26-26 (Rabbitohs retain)
2011 Dragons 32-10
2012 Dragons 18-12
2012 result:
St George Illawarra Dragons 18 (Matt Cooper, Jamie Soward, Daniel Vidot tries; Jamie Soward 3 goals)
South Sydney Rabbitohs 12 (Sam Burgess 2 tries; Adam Reynolds 2 goals)
Crowd: 21,398 
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Sorry but you must be eating your words this morning. Give the kid a shot Madge is. And he knows talent when he sees it. I like his soft approach to rotate the deserving young guns slowly into the fold. 


Walker did look good in the limited time he had on the field, future NRL there is no doubt about it but my question was if he pick Walker why leave out Tom Burgess and Koroisau out of the line up who where both performed really well in the RTR and Coffs trials? 


IMO I think Madge has also learnt off last year that u need more than just forwards running off interchange. They didn't carry any decent backs going into last years final series. He knows what strength and talents both API and Tom have. But why carry 3 hookers or have 6 forwards on interchange? In a game where u don't need it. That's just overkill.

I think rather he used that opportunity to have a decent look at the backlline and is trying to test Keary & Walker to see how they can succeed the senior players when the time is right. I thought Sutton had a good game last night and the halves will continue to be the Sutt/Reyno combo.

Keary is a likely interchange option going forward this year. I also think Dylan Walkers presence puts Hunts presence on interchange under pressure this year. I have no doubt walker will return to U20 and have stints with Norths in 2013 but don't be surprised if young walker pops up again on the bench this year.

I think this is all just planning for 2014 & looking at retention & recruitment for the future. 


Souths were very, very solid.
Georger Burgess, Sutton, Inglis were outstanding. Champion made Cooper look very old.

A pleasing game for all Souths supporters in what was, after all, a trial.

Saints very kept very ordinary by Souths in the first half but still lacked a lot in attack - is it just me or is Soward a passenger for most of the game? 


I thought Buckett showed great anticipation and speed to score the last try. Burning a few dragons on his way to the try line shows the depth we have. I think Everingham will miss out for round 1 as Goodwin can kick goals if needed and showed how classy he is. 


Completely outplayed us from the opening whistle. The final score flattered us.

I know it's not saying much but well done Rabbits. 


Same old story as last year we clock of for a 20min period, we need to fix this. 


Clocked off at 16-0, went for the try instead of taking a penalty shot at goal for an 18-0 lead, missed the try and went to sleep for the dragons to come back 16-10 (should have been 16-12 but Soward missed the conversion).........some silly play from Sam Burgess helped to get the dragons back into the game. 


Did Souths play good or did Dragons make us look good? 


Our defence was good in the first half but we just clock off during a period of time, I think we where always going to win this one but we do need to fix this on going problem 


Souths still have problems with their attack. The attack was struggling to find that try to finish off the game 


I disagree we finish strong finding the late try's and almost scored a 3rd at the end of the game, I don't see where we struggled in attack who are you blaming Mug? 


If Reynolds is injured & Keary gets his claws into the No.7 posse,Adam may never get it back--for STHS anyway!!
I know we only saw Keary for a short time but what he did seemed quicker,sharper,speedier.
Keary & Reynolds need to be our halves!!JS looks like a forward now,& quite a big one at that.
I liked George Burgess, & if Tom is as good, I'd sacrifice Roy to the bench[or worse]..I also think Tyrell is a better option than Roy at this stage. 



Souths struggled big time in attack early in the 2nd half. They had plenty of chances to score that final try to kill off the game but instead just did one out stuff when inside the opposition 20m. If there was one guy most to blame it was Peats during this period of play as he directed them into playing one out 


STS made us look good here---they were very ordinary!

What we have to beat is this------


I would agree with you about Peats we look better in attack with Issac on the field 


Wasn't Issac on straight after 1/2 time??
Sths seem to get some spark & drive when Keary came on.It wasn't Issac, as I thought his game was generally more controlled than normal.

It's as if Madge has told him to be a bit more selective with his darts out of dummy-half.
With the possession we had in the first half we should have had 30 on the board----I'm not totally sure but I think 2 of the first half tries were scored when Peats was on!!And scored a good one himself!! 


I think Peats was only involed in the try that he scored but the Mug is right, we didn't have much spark or direction when he was in dummy half. Keary look good but he didn't have much time on the field to show what he can do in defence we where mainly in attack when he came on the field, by the way when he came on the field Issac Luke was also on. 


I don't like Justin Hunt's passing game very much. 


What I said was that Peats was on when 2 of the 3 first half tries were scored whether he was directly involved or not.In Issac's period,in that case,there was only one!! 


I said Peats was only involed in one try the one he scored. 


Hi Saggy, I'm back:wave:

Have you missed me?:wave::love: 


Of course I did, where have you been? Looking for more Burgess? 


Overall trial games are about individual performances and combinations.
I was very pleased with the teams attitude and teamness.
I believe they have set goals as a team and by looking at the match versus the dragons, everyone is pulling in the same direction.
We looked like a unified squad which is very pleasing to say the least.
How nice was it when everyone was excited at the last try from buckett 


You're correct! 


Just watched the replay, man they look good should be a great game vs the Roosters, 

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