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this forum is crap now bring back the old 1 asap



you really fucked these forums up mate, like unbelievably... 


@Sydney.Raider It just needs to be an email that isn't free (like gmail, yahoo, hotmail). So you could use the one from your internet provider, a school one, a university one, a work one etc

I think it is meant to prevent trolls and spamming on LU - although that hasn't actually worked at all 


Sold out to a gambling website. How sad.

PATHETIC new layout. Poor presentation, usability and navigation.
They've changed my user name because 'We're sorry if your username has changed, we had to merge a lot of databases together so not everybody could keep their original username'. Obviously 10 odd years here means SFA.

Had some great discussions/arguments (especially with Naddy the Brett Stewart apologist - he'll never be as good as Billy ;) ), and will miss a lot of you. But will not be back. 


I'm over at LU for now...this place has gone to the to speak 

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