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Melbourne Storm Have announced that they have been sold to some overseas mob, great, Who owns Rugby League?.

The most exciting games I've watched have been between my suburb or city against the enemy (be it manly, Brisbane, Melbourne or Townsville. Rugby League is my game, it's the game of my town, suburb or city.

When a club is SOLD to some mob, it reduces the chances of the local player being able to play with the side he grew up supporting. It seems to be just buy and sell, lets get more money to spread around to buy a premiership rather than make my local boys do the job.

I'm a Bulldog supporter, a few years ago they grew their own team(as did Parramatta) and what a great decade that was. 


I don't think thats neccessarily true about the club only buying players, rather than raising them because they have a private owners.... News LTD owned storm for a decade and they're the reason why we have a good nursery of junoirs waiting to break through. 

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