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Salary Cap Solution



Any player who makes his debut at your club should be on the Minimum amount of 100k (against the cap) forever & a day , unless he leaves and comes back (eg. Mark Gasnier).

To be successful a team will still need a few other players usually, however these players will be charged at the full rate. The cap would be reworked so every club could only afford 4 or 5 poached players in there team.

eg. Roosters

1.Minichello 100k
2. Toupou 100k
3. Jenning 500k
4. SKD 100k
5. Shreck 100k
6. Malony 400k
7. Pearce 100k
8. FPN 100k
9. Sonny Bill 700k
10. Aubusson 100k
11. Kennedy 100k
12.Friend 100k
13. Jwh 400k

......................3.5m salary cap


Just a 25% discount off the cap for nurtured players would be sufficient 

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