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As a Roosters fan I am worried by the heavy trend of penalties that have gone against us.
I have access to penalty counts for the previous 6 years. In that time the Roosters, on field, performance has gone from one extreme to the other – top, middle, bottom. They have had a number of different coaches and a large turnover in their roster. The only constant being the heavy penalty counts against us.
I am no doubt bias so I will let the stats tell the story.
In the years 2008 – 2013:-
We have conceded more penalties than any other club (by a long way),
We have received fewer penalties than any other club (by a long way),
We almost double other teams when it comes losing penalty counts by 5 or more,
There is a huge gap between the Roosters and the other sides when it comes to winning penalty counts by 3 or more. We have managed to achieve this feat on just 3 occasions in the past 6 years. The Sharks, on the other hand have managed this feat on 32 occasions, or over 5 times per year
We fare worse than any other club when it comes to penalties received/conceded at home matches,
We fare worse than any other club (by a country mile) when it comes to penalties received /conceded at away venues.

What is going on?

Are we all playing on the same level field???


It's pretty obvious the roosters are just a bunch of ill displined scumbags. BTW you don't receive penalties you actually have to do something wrong to give them away. Just goes to show the roosters will push the envelope in regards to onfield rules of the game, you could almost call them cheats but we won't at this stage just ill disiplined. Hey wouldn't it be funny if the Coach the roosters were trying to get a couple of years ago took his Newcastle team and sank the roosters for 2013. I reckon that would be really funny. 


Wouldn't it be funny if in the finals Souths didn't get all their bogus 4th and 5th tackle penalties and lose.... oh wait that happened and yes it was hilarious 


PxA, or should I refer to you as loser? How does 'pushing the envelope' 'cheating' or 'ill discipline' explain receiving fewer penalties ? The suns rises in the East , You Vermin will always be in the shade.

Last time you won a premiership we had 9, will have 13 on Sunday! 

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