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Looks like betting has swallowed up this forum



I notice the new(?) owners "other forums" are Punters paradise and best odds. Wasnt there a guy recently who tried to get people to go to that site? I think Bandwagon and I questioned him. Guessing he though f-ck it, i will just buy the site.
New format has fur around it. 


This new betting themed forum reeks of stale piss 


Looking around this new forum I think you're right, just a betting forum. F*ck that.
Most of us came here to discuss footy not waste our hard earned. You betting guys are doing your level best to ruin footy but you won't succeed, you'll just annoy everyone to the point they'll want nothing to do with you. 


it does seem as if we have been "Tom Waterhoused"... pity... this was a great forum... well, ladies and gentlemen, I bid you all adieu... hopefully, LU has some decent discussion 

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