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#NRLGF Online Sea Eagles vs Sydney Roosters live preview, score and mo



Trent Robinson has confirmed the aspect which will fancy the sphere in tonight's NRL Grand Final against the sea Eagles, with the top Coach creating 2 late changes as well as the come of 2 acquainted faces from injury. Boyd Cordner and Luke O'Donnell have each been confirmed as a region of Robinson's match-day squad once the injured-duo passed fitness tests yesterday to require their place within the seventeen. each representatives at nsw level, the inclusion of Cordner and O'Donnell has provided a lift to the aspect that last weekend overcame the newcastle Knights for an area within the decider.

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ANZ Stadium, Sydney
today, 9:15 pm
Sea Eagles vs Sydney Roosters

Cordner can begin at lock, seeing Frank-Paul Nuuausala shift to the bench aboard O'Donnell, Dan Lord and Mitchell Aubusson. Young-guns patriarch Liu and Dylan crucifer drop out of the match-day seventeen. 

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