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Qld League Characters of the 70's & 80's.



Just thinking about some of the [EMAIL="hard-@rase"]hard-@rase[/EMAIL] forwards they had. Try this.

Darryl Higgs
Adrian Higgs
Billy Johnstone
Chris Phelan
Brad Tessman
Billy Argeros
Mark Meskell

wonder how many penalty counts they'd finish on the right side of the ledger on ? :lol: 


I spent a week up in Cairns with Jim Sparks just a few weeks ago at the u/18 State Championships.A great bloke with some great stories. 


Anyone remember Mick McGarrity played for souths magpies & Greg Crowe was north Aspley went on to play in arl but can't remember who for same as John Ribo was west mitchelton player in the 70's 

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