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Statistics - The Sandow and Hayne Show



Top Try Scorers
6 Merritt
5 Taufua
5 Uate
3 Manu
3 Graham
3 Hayne
3 Simmons
3 McManus
Most Run Metres
570 Gallen
547 Inglis
482 Hayne
471 Taufua
440 Gordon
429 Bird
429 Glenn

Most Try Assists

4 Reynolds
4 Cronk
3 Hodges
3 Sandow
3 Kelly
3 Thurston
3 Farrah
3 Inglis

Top Pointscorers

28 Marshall
26 Walsh
26 Sandow
26 Reynolds
24 Merritt
24 Gordon
22 Smith
22 Sezer

Top 10 Kick Metres

1418 Cherry-Evans
1380 Mullen
1077 Sandow
1054 Pearce
1000 Wallace
920 Carney
899 Johnson
851 Cronk
841 Sezer
817 Marshall

Most Kick Return Metres

271 Hayne
231 Inglis
195 Beale
193 Taufua
164 Minichiello 


Not good enough Jarryd.

F**k that's a lot of kick metres by DCE!
Mullen too. 


Don't suppose you've got ave. metres per run?
Inglis has more run metres, but I imagine he has had more runs overall than Hayne - considering Hayne was pretty quiet against the Dogs and we had little ball against the Tigers. 


Massive surprise. You sure you are not counting the sideways and backwards running also? Particularly when cornered in goal. 


He is regularly near the top of that category. 


Jokes aside, it shows how unnoticed you can be when your team is not setting the world on fire. 


Pretty much.
I guess it can be understandable. He does seem to jog up to the defensive line when returning kicks (it gives so many Eels supporters the shits). 


I think most people want to see the fullback run straight and hard back at the defensive line. It looks more impressive but it's usually better to look for the gaps (staggered defence). There were similar criticisms of Boyd when he was at the dragons even though he was a very effective kick returner. 


Inglis 44 runs for 547m = 12.43m/run

Hayne 46 runs for 482m = 10.48m/run

Inglis 72 receives, 18 t/b, 5 l/b, 3 try/a, 1 lb/a, 1 try, 1 kick 53 k/m, 2 errors

Hayne 94 receives, 17 t/b, 0 l/b, 2 try/a, 4 lb/a, 3 tries, 4 kicks, 65 k/m, 4 errors

Haynes meters by round 171m, 158m, 153m Fairly consistent. 


I am surprised that Hayne has the most kick return meters as I havent seen him break a tackle yet 


No need to, he beats the tackle. :) 


Thank you kindly.
Those are some awesome stats from Inglis.
The fact that Hayne has no linebreaks so far is a bit worrying...but he has 4 lb/a's and 3 tries though.
Funny that in a game where he was hobbling and many said he was disinterested Hayne still managed 158m. 


As opposed to Stewart,s stats for Manly in the first half tonight.

1 run 12m , 1 tackle , 1 error, 1 penalty conceded. 


he's got great positioning, though 


Hayne runs 158m and is lazy and disinterested, Stewart runs 12m and has great positioning.

That'd be my point I'd reckon. 


At least he didn't miss that tackle, I guess.
An average of 12m per run is excellent I must say. 

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