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Man I hope this nonsense from the Club owner about a Haka at every game doesn't eventuate.

Not a national side, half Aussies = bad idea. 


i don't have an issue if they do a haka next time they make the grand final, but if they do it every game then everyone's going to get sick of it. I can't see the fact that part of the team are aussies or islanders being an issue, (during the 2008 all golds tour steve price seemed to get right behind it)... maybe have a kapa haka group or something during the pre-match entertainment?.
If they start doing a haka before each game, what next... the national anthem as well? I think leave it for important occassions... the 20th anniversary game in a couple of years, when a player retires or leaves, anzac day match... occassions when it will actually mean something. Doing it every game will just cheapen the haka (similar to kiwis doing drunken hakas on holiday) 


I love the haka, but no way should they even consider it for every game. IMO it gets used way to much as it is today. 


I wouldn't feel comfortable as an Aussie performing the Haka. 


I reckon most Aussies would. I'm with Buck Shelford on that. 


Having the Haka for every game makes as much sense as having National Anthems at every game: None at all. It's just not culturally necessary or appropriate.

If the winning team play their victory song after the game, as the Sharks and Souths like to, then all good.

Some Warriors fans might remember a mid-90's Warriors TV advertisement where Aussie imports Phil Blake or Greg Alexander are prominently shown in a Waka (canoe) full of the Warrior team. The cultural overkill in that ad was derided as a huge marketing blunder in sports bars across Auckland and we don't want a repeat.

IIRC at one point, multi-Olympic Gold Medalist Valerie Adams was getting ****ed off with having to put up with all the impromptu Hakas that well-wishers and passers-by would brake into.

If anything, the Warriors could drop the Pacific Island drum sounds they use in some home games. There are plenty of Tongans and Samoans in the opposing teams and players from Ruben Wiki to $BW have mixed blood-lines and aren't mono-culturalists anyway.

Let's not over-do the Haka. 

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