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Ash Graham to retire



COWBOYS veteran Ashley Graham has cleared up confusion surrounding his future by revealing plans to retire at season's end due to an arthritic ankle.

Speculation last month suggested Graham was contemplating pulling the pin, prompting North Queensland's official website to report the 28-year-old had not ruled out playing on in 2014.

But ahead of the Cowboys' derby clash with Brisbane tonight at Suncorp Stadium, Graham told The Courier-Mail he is treating the 2013 campaign as his NRL swansong.

The Maroons Origin hopeful has been one of the code's most underrated performers, with Graham just two tries shy of 100 career four-pointers and needing a further nine games to reach the 200-match milestone.

Graham wasn't named to face the Broncos, but has travelled with the Cowboys squad and is expected to replace Kalifa Faifai Loa on the flank tonight.

The former Eels threequarter is off-contract at season's end and it is understood Cowboys management do not expect to hold a fresh round of negotiations.

"At the moment I'm looking at retiring at the end of the season," Graham said.

Well there you go. Fai Fai Loa is probably more likely to stay now :) Who is our next best centre/winger option behind these 5? Felt? 


Rona and Feldt would be next in line. Can't see either of them as being viable options just yet but hopefully there development will keep coming along. 

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