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Round 3 - Knights v Cowboys



This should be a cracker. Knights at home, Cows are quality opposition but their away game record isn't the best. This could go either way.

Official team lists:

[h=4]Knights[/h]1 Darius Boyd
2 James McManus
3 Anthony Quinn
4 Timana Tahu
5 Akuila Uate
6 Jarrod Mullen
7 Kurt Gidley (c)
8 Kade Snowden
9 Matt Hilder
10 David Fa’alogo
11 Beau Scott
12 Chris Houston
13 Jeremy Smith

14 Tyrone Roberts
15 Neville Costigan
16 Robbie Rochow
17 Alex McKinnon

[h=4]Cowboys[/h]1 Matthew Bowen
2 Ashley Graham
3 Brent Tate
4 Kane Linnett
5 Antonio Winterstein
6 Johnathan Thurston (c)
7 Michael Morgan
8 Matthew Scott (c)
9 Scott Moore
10 James Tamou
11 Gavin Cooper
12 Glenn Hall
13 Dallas Johnson

14 Anthony Mitchell
15 Ashton Sims
16 Scott Bolton
17 Jason Taumalolo
18 Blake Leary 


Knights - Tahu in for Gagai. Mason missing off the bench?

Cows - Morgan makes his return from a broken jaw. T Sims not named? 


Great win by the boys , fantastic turnaround after last weeks dismal effort against the Budgies.

Roberts and Mullen should be our halves, with Gidley on the bench.

Snowden should be banished to NSW cup, he drops the ball all the time and makes bugger all metres.

Good debut from Korbin Sims and David Fa'alogo, great effort from both. 


A good win knitey, who have they got next week? 


The Raiders at home on Sunday evening. 


[h=1]Bennett praises Knights' depth[/h]

Monday 25 March 2013 9:56 PM
Hunter Ports Newcastle Knights head coach Wayne Bennett has praised his side’s depth after a depleted Knights side defeated the North Queensland Cowboys 34-6 at Hunter Stadium on Monday night.
The Knights were without a number of regular first-graders for the clash with the Cowboys, including captain Kurt Gidley who was a late withdrawal due to a calf injury.
Bennett said he extremely pleased with the manner in which the other members of the Knights’ squad stepped up in their teammates’ absence.
“I was confident about our depth, because we’ve deliberately tried to (strengthen) that as well,” Bennett explained.
“We had three first grade centres missing and we had two hookers, because Kurt could have played hooker and Travis (Waddell) was out.
“They all had to put their hands up a bit and play in different positions and they did that.
“Cuthbo came in for the first time this year as well as David Fa’alogo and Korbin Sims and they looked like they had been there all their careers.
“Beau Scott’s groin was playing up a little bit on him, so we lost him early in the game as well, but again Robbie Rochow jumped in there and didn’t miss a beat.
“Chris Houston went across to the other edge… I thought he was outstanding and did a great job as captain with them out there tonight.
“We’re lucky that we can lose so many players and have quality ones to replace them.”
Bennett was also praised the performances of his halves pairing Tyrone Roberts and Jarrod Mullen, who controlled the game with their kicking and gave the Knights an edge in attack.
“Tyrone’s a talented player, we all know that,” Bennett explained.
“What he went through last year has helped him be the player that he’s going to be this year and we’ll see a lot more of him.
“The forwards were getting forward and Jarrod was playing off the back of that.
“The kick-chase was just all about pressure and they kept applying it. Jarrod did have a great kicking game.
“You see Aku get his tries and McManus and Boyd getting the ball, and it’s all invariably coming off Jarrod’s passes and him taking the ball to the line, which are all the things you’ve got to do.”
The Knights endured a 10 minute period early in the first half where the Cowboys continually peppered their line on the back of a number of repeat sets.
Although North Queensland did eventually find a way across the try-line, Knights captain Chris Houston believed the defensive resilience shown by his side during that period gave them the confidence to pile on 34 unanswered points for the remainder of the match.
“We did some silly things that gave them field position, but we were defending pretty well, so we got a bit of confidence out of that,” Houston said.
“We ended up holding the ball and putting a bit of pressure back on them.
Bennett echoed Houston’s sentiments, saying the Knights’ defensive performance early in the game was extremely promising.
“It gave me a lot of confidence. (North Queensland) are very good in attack and they were on our try line for a number of sets, nine minutes I think it was roughly,” Bennett said.
“When you see that (defensive effort) you know they’re on, so it’s just a matter of how it pans out after that.”
The Knights are back at home in Round 4 taking on Canberra Raiders at Hunter Stadium on Easter Sunday. 


Well he'd want to......Tinkler and Bennett have bought themselves a nice little team. 


Lovely little backhander there Mr should play tennis.:) 


Congrats Knitey, I didn't see the game (maybe a good thing) but I will watch the replay tomorrow. I see even Darius scored. :D 


Thanks Lewis, I enjoyed the game, but you may not,your guys appeared tired, and just couldn't get it together, Thurston tried all night but it's time some of the others stepped up, he can't carry them all the time.
I felt that our kicking game and good chase kept Matty Bowen quiet and that helped our cause, time will tell if we can keep the intensity going. 


Yeah, not good to appear tired at this stage of the season. I thought the days of Thurston trying his guts out and carrying the whole team were over, earlier games showed they all put in. Will be interested to see how Moore went.

btw I notice that the Darius try as another "catch and fall". How suprising . :lol: 


Was Thurston injured? He appeared to injure his upper thigh or groin in the 2nd half.

"catch and fall" ......rubbish, he ran at least 6 paces.:P 

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