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What do Storm supporters think of Gareth Widdop?



Can understand him leaving for that much money, just wish the players would be honest and say I'm going to set myself up financially. Widdop was apparently only on 120 000 at Storm compared to 550 000 at Saints. Who wouldn't change jobs for that sort of coin? Having said that I think he could of got somewhere in the 400 - 450000 range at Storm and was potentially a future captain. 


disappointed he had to leave because of the money.So many players are leaving there clubs to go to others purely for the money.I thought he would have been a good fit for the broncos.I dont know if he will look as good a player with st george as he does playing for the storm. 


Always around Marcus, but this new layout is testing me :/ 


Widdops struggling a bit at the moment and copping alot of crap from our fans as all leaving players do !
He will come good at the right time hopefully.
I'm really keen to see how he goes without our "big 3" . Personally I don't think he's the answer for the dragons but I hope he does well . 

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