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Rnd 3 - Titans v Manly



Manly should be too strong here but Titans have been better than I thought they'd be so far and an upset may not be out of the question.

Official team lists, no surprises from either squad named:

[h=4]Titans[/h]1 William Zillman
2 Kevin Gordon
3 Brad Takairangi
4 Jamal Idris
5 David Mead
6 Aidan Sezer
7 Albert Kelly
8 Luke Douglas
9 Matt Srama
10 Nate Myles
11 Greg Bird
12 Ben Ridge
13 Ashley Harrison

14 Dave Taylor
15 Luke Bailey
16 Ryan James
17 Beau Falloon
18 Luke O' Dwyer

[h=4]Sea Eagles[/h]1 Brett Stewart
2 Jorge Taufua
3 Jamie Lyon (c)
4 Steve Matai
5 David Williams
6 Kieran Foran
7 Daly Cherry-Evans
8 Brenton Lawrence
9 Matt Ballin
10 Brent Kite
11 Anthony Watmough
12 Justin Horo
13 Jamie Buhrer

14 Richie Fa'aoso
15 Joe Galuvao
16 David Gower
17 Tom Symonds 


Gower needs more time in NSW Cup, Bring in Chee Kam or Ligi Sao 


Yeah Titans are no pushovers, I wouldn't be surprised to see them in top 8 by seasons end... very good forward pack, and there is no let up from their bench forwards either.

If we are on our game we will win, so hopefully we maintain the same attitude that we have taken into our first 2 games.

I am liking the recruitment of Tom Symonds.. he added that bit extra out wide on the weekend. Will be a very good bench player to have.

I am very happy with our team, will only get better when Gifty returns.

Undefeated record goes on the line again.. 


Loving the fact that both Gifty and Kingy have said they'll be up against it to regain their spots in the team nowadays. 


Bring in George 'the Man' Rose! 


He's injured. Him & Gower won't get a look in once the whole squad is fit. 

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