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Manly Sea Eagles sub forum Rules & Regulations



Here are the rules & regulations of the Manly Sea Eagles sub forum.

1. All rleague forum rules apply as per usual
2. Anything regarding the Manly club & or its players & personnel must be proven as fact or stated openly as opinion.
3. Anything regarding the Manly club & or its players & personnel is to be taken as fact if it is stated by myself or any other Sea Eagles supporter.
4. Anything regarding the Manly club & or its players & personnel can be considered opinion only (even if it is fact), if stated by a non-Sea Eagles supporter.
5. All Sea Eagles supporters reserve the right to question & if need be, slam factual stories by non-Sea Eagles supporters as opinion pieces to suit their own agenda.
6. I reserve the right to label other posters facts as opinions & my opinions as facts because whether or not your opinion matters is decided by me & only me & that remains a fact.
*Unless I question myself, in that case, I will appoint a "Right Hand Man" or woman, to act on my behalf. Which behalf they act upon is up to me, myself & I only, unless one of us disagrees with me, then it will be settled via an online game of paper, scissors, rock, where I have the power to use the "mystery move" that beats all 3. In that case, Rules 6 & 11 are enforced.
7. These rules & regulations are not to be taken lightly. These words are concrete & if anyone has ever lifted concrete, then you know how heavy concrete is.
8. If there is a conflict of rules 2 & 4, rules 3, 5, 6 & 11 will be implemented. Again.
9. If anyone wants to post exclusive news regarding the Manly club & or its players & personnel they must first submit a personal message to me requesting permission to do so, coupled with the entire exclusive news story & the related source of information links, so that way I can post it as my breaking news thread & receive all the plaudits.
10. Any good posts on this sub forum will be attributed to me, even if they are not from me, because I'm a glory hound.
11. What I say is law. Unless I say cat, because it isn't law. Law is L, A, W...not C, A, T.



You idiot........:lol::lol::lol: 


No! he's an evil genius. 


Brett Stewart is an unlikable player. 


Gee, don't say that!'ll hurt poor Nady's feelings, he's sensitive you know.;) 


There goes rule 2 through 11....Ban him, ban him 


Yep... I'm happy with adjusment to rules... provides a fair forum. 


That's your opinion, which is irrelevant.:P
See rules 2, 4 & 6. 

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