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Anthony Watmough has played 233 1st Grade games for Manly & is currently sitting 8th on the list. He needs 5 games to surpass Graham Eadie (237), 6 games to surpass Geoff Toovey (238), 9 games to surpass Fred Jones (241) & 23 games to surpass Des Hasler (255), which would put him at 4th on the list. He will then be 8 games shy of surpassing Alan Thompson (263) & 25 games shy of surpassing Steve Menzies (280).
He is also 9 games away (241) from his 250th 1st Grade appearance & 17 games away from his 250th 1st Grade appearance for Manly.
Cliffy Lyons remains the most capped Sea Eagles player with 309 appearances.

Brent Kite is just 6 games shy of reaching his 200th 1st Grade appearance for Manly. Needing just 20 games to surpass Bob Fulton (213) & 22 games to surpass Max Krilich (215)

Jason King is just 7 games away from racking up his 200th 1st Grade appearance for Manly. Needing just 21 games to surpass Bob Fulton (213) & 23 games to surpass Max Krilich (215).

Matt Ballin is just 6 games shy of racking up his 150th 1st Grade appearance in his career & for Manly.

Jamie Lyon is 12 games away of reaching his 150th 1st Grade appearance for Manly.

Kieran Foran is just 21 games shy of racking up his 100th 1st Grade appearance in his career & for Manly.

Jamie Lyon (770) is just 30 points shy of racking up 800 points for Manly. He needs just 73 points to surpass Ron Rowles (842) & move to 5th on the Manly point scorers list. He needs 189 points to surpass Ron Willey (958) to move to 4th on the list.
He needs 86 points to rack up 1000+ 1st Grade career points & 230 to become just the 4th player in Sea Eagles history to score 1000+ points for the club.
Graham Eadie (1917), Bob Batty (1156) & Matthew Ridge (1093) are 1st, 2nd & 3rd respectively.
He is also 9 tries away from reaching the 100 1st Grade career tries mark.

Brett Stewart (127) currently sits 3rd on the clubs try scorers list. He needs just 3 tries to surpass Bob Fulton (129) & 25 tries to surpass Steve Menzies (151).
He is 23 tries shy of cracking the 150 mark.

Joe Galuvao needs just 16 more games to reach his 250th 1st Grade career game. It will be his 88th appearance for Manly.

Manly (4,918) are only 82 shy of scoring 5,000 tries.

Manly need only 1 more player to debut for Australia to become only the 2nd club in Australian Rugby League History to provide 70+ Kangaroo Internationals.

Manly are the only team to feature in each of the past 8 Finals series. 


Here is hoping Snake gets the required 25 tries to surpass the great Beaver.. 


He would've blown the record out of the water by now had he not missed 2009/10.
You could safely assume that he would've racked up atleast 40 tries in those 2 seasons. 


The Sea Eagles get more than 10 fans turning up for their away games ??

That milestone is surely out of reach. 


Well researched Nady!!...I think it would be a tragedy if that knucklehead and your girlfriend Watmough surpasses great players like Menzies,Eadie,Toovey and Freddie Jones in the record books...they are great Manly icons. 


Yep... just hope it won't be a case of 'what if' by the time he retires (at Manly) in reaching 200 trys.

Say he plays another 5 seasons at Manly (until 33?), at say an average of 15 trys a season, that would place him just a touch over 200 trys. Would be an incredible effort. 


It's odd they've given Jason King a life membership with the club when they need 200 games to do so.
Must have counted the Northern Eagles 


Probably just pushed it ahead considering he is only 7 games shy of the 200 mark. 

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